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Dharma, the essence of life, serves as the unifying force for humanity, nurturing the perpetual flow of our world, and gracefully radiates through the enlightening glow of genuine knowledge and apt wisdom. At the Vedic Management Center, we wholeheartedly embrace, educate, empower, and try to uplift societies through the profound principles of Dharma. Here’s our guiding approach…

Embracing Dharma

Dharma transcends religion, defies cults, and rises beyond the realm of gods. Rooted in the Vedic Sanskrit word “Dri,” it embodies sustainability. Though challenging to capture in words, Dharma revolves around living a life of responsible giving and taking, with an unwavering commitment to universal well-being, extending far beyond humanity.

At Vedic Management Center, our mission is to embrace Dharma in all aspects of existence, through insightful articles and captivating podcasts to transformative Yogic Counseling, enlightening Courses, and empowering Books. What sets us apart? Our Yogic Counseling services are entirely FREE, dedicated to guiding individuals out of the tumultuous maze of the mind.

Counseling with Dharma

Informing about the Potential of Dharma

We offer a FREE course on MIND & POWER, providing invaluable insights into the depths of your consciousness. Dive into our complimentary books, “Understanding and Unleashing the Potential of YOUR MIND” and “The Strategic Wisdom of Kootaneeti,” essential teachings passed down by the Vedic Rishis. These timeless lessons lay the foundation for a life characterized by serenity, unity, and prosperity.

Join our Vedic Parenting Project, a transformative journey for parents with a background in Yoga and Ayurveda. Discover your untapped potential and emerge as a counsellor, author, and educator. Through articles and podcasts, share your wisdom with the world, leaving an indelible mark.

Seeking Dharma in Parenting

Educating about Dharma for a Sustainable Global Future

Our self-paced, online and affordable courses are designed to empower your mind, equipping you to conquer obstacles on the path to sustainable prosperity. At Vedic Management Center, we’re not just reimagining life; we’re living it, in harmony with Dharma. Join us on this profound voyage towards a life enriched with peace, harmony, and abundance.

In today’s complex world, the Yogic Parenting Project shines as a beacon, drawing from ancient wisdom to guide modern parents and children. Rooted in the profound concept of Samskaras—balanced nurturing—this project seeks to rekindle the art of raising conscious individuals from infancy to adulthood.

Once relegated to mere rituals, Samskaras now undergo a revival. The Yogic Parenting Project translates ancient wisdom into practical advice, bridging gaps between parents and children with counseling paradigms and online resources. It’s a global movement to restore balance, harmony, and interconnectedness, nurturing enlightened beings who lead us toward a harmonious, transformed world. 



U Mahesh Prabhu Social Handles

The Art & Science of Meaningful Wealth Creation


An innovative, short and interactive online course via Zoom that aims to blend ancient Vedic wisdom with contemporary financial and economic literacy. In an era where the pursuit of wealth is often reduced to mere numbers and stock tickers, this course seeks to elevate your understanding of what true wealth is, how to attain it, and most importantly, how to sustainably grow it without being mired debts.



From Vedic Perspective

Welcome to the “MIND & POWER from Vedic Perspective” course, a transformative exploration of the profound connection between the mind and the manifestation of power. Delve into the timeless wisdom of the Vedas with U. Mahesh Prabhu to unlock the secrets of achieving true power – a power that stems from understanding and mastering your own mind.

In a world where the pursuit of power often neglects the inner realm, this course offers a fresh perspective. Regardless of your background or profession, the mind’s role in shaping your life’s trajectory cannot be overstated. Drawing from the depths of Vedic philosophy, this course bridges ancient insights with modern aspirations.

Discover how your mind, distinct from the brain, plays a pivotal role in creating a life of health, wealth, peace, and sustainable influence. U. Mahesh Prabhu’s expertise brings these profound concepts to life, guiding you through a journey that transcends conventional notions of power. Prepare to align your inner energies with universal principles and unlock the deserving power within you.

Embark on this transformative journey today to harmonize your mind, unlock authentic power, and craft a life that resonates with timeless Vedic wisdom.

The Strategic Wisdom of Kootaneeti” by U Mahesh Prabhu delves into the profound realm of power, strategy, and wisdom in the context of politics, leadership, and problem-solving. Unlike conventional approaches that often focus on perception and position, this book unveils the ancient art of Kootaneeti, where power is not just about material practices, but also rooted in consciousness and mind. Prabhu’s work transcends the common understanding of spirituality and demonstrates how Kootaneeti employs advanced strategies to address personal, professional, societal, national, and international challenges with sustainable solutions. Through subtle and complex applications of wisdom, readers are enlightened with valuable insights that go beyond mere education, entertaining them while empowering them for a journey towards sustainable leadership. Embrace this enlightening read to navigate the intricacies of power and gain timeless wisdom for transformative problem-solving.”

Within the vast realm of human potential lies an enigmatic force eagerly awaiting understanding and harnessing—the human mind. Journey through the timeless wisdom of the Vedic texts and explore the profound concept of “Mana,” transcending conventional science. In “Understanding and Unleashing the Potential of Your Mind,” discover practical tools and profound insights to navigate the chaos of modern life, cultivating a calm mind that unlocks your true potential. Embark on this transformative journey of self-discovery, guided by illuminating Vedic principles, and awaken the dormant power within you with this book by U. Mahesh Prabhu.

Learn in an Affordable  Engaging  Reliable Inspiring Entertaining Enlightening way!

Online Courses



Read latest articles and blogs from Vedic Management Center. Enhance your understanding of the self and the world around you and inspire your intellect for sustainable future.


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