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Founded in 2016, by U. Mahesh Prabhu along with David Frawley, Vedic Management Center (VMC) is a transformative training, mentoring, counseling and consulting organization specializing in the areas of leadership development for business, economics, politics, and diplomacy. The word 'Vedic' comes from the word 'Veda' which in turn comes from the root Sanskrit word 'Vid' – meaning Wisdom. VMC intends to present time-tested as well as timeless Vedic knowledge and wisdom to address some of the most pressing challenges of the modern world, at an individual as well as institutional level. We offer articles, podcasts, webinars, courses, consulting and counseling services.

Latest articles, columns & blogs

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  • Why Kootaneeti is Now More Important than Ever?

    September 18,2020 / Uncategorized / 0 Comments

    The Neeti offers Dharmic guidelines for individuals to conduct themselves wisely in a familial, social, organizational, and national setup. Rajaneeti is the Dharmic guidelines for an individual to adhere when in the position of leadership. Rajaneeti...

  • Jyotish is Vedic Astronomy; Not “Vedic Astrology”

    September 17,2020 / Uncategorized / 0 Comments

    Jyotish, short for Jyoti Shastra, is not one book but a broad Vedic knowledge discipline concerning Jyoti or the Light that encompasses the cosmos. It is about the light that emanates from the Surya (Sun) and Nakshatra (Stars.) It is also the light...

  • The Wisdom of the Rishikas for Evolutionary Feminism

    September 15,2020 / Uncategorized / 1 Comments

    Special Article by Cheryl Colvard We have seen so many examples through life where women have been conditioned within various mindsets.   Humans have twisted and embellished wisdom to fit their agendas.  Structures and content have been fed into...

  • What is Vedic Counselling? Why is it important?

    August 30,2020 / Vedic Counselling Vedic Leadership Counselling / 0 Comments

    It does not matter what a person might pursue in life, there is but one quintessential purpose behind such pursuits – happiness. But then the question many people often fail to ask is whether such pursuit must be mired in stress and its resultant...

  • Ekaanth: The Power of Solitude

    August 24,2020 / Vedic Management / 6 Comments

    Since time immemorial people have often feared isolation. Nobody likes to live isolated and, therefore, seeks the constant company of people. Solitude is synonymous to loneliness – a lack of feeling that something is missing, a pain, a...

  • Life Lessons from Krishna in Vyasa's Mahabharata

    July 14,2020 / Vedic Management / 1 Comments

    The name Krishna, or Vasudeva Krishna, has become synonymous with the Bhagavad-Gita. But not many may know that it was not named so by the Krishna Dwaipayana Vyasa a.k.a. Veda Vyasa a.k.a. Vyasa, author of Jaya which eventually came to know as the...

  • What is the true meaning of Dharma? Why is it relevant even today?

    July 12,2020 / Uncategorized / 0 Comments

    Dharma is a Vedic Sanskrit word that comes from its root word Dhri or Dhriti which means “to sustain.” In an era where humans are severely affected as a result of the “unsustainable action” and are trying to find ways to find “sustainable...

  • The Rishikas: Who were they? Why are they important?

    July 02,2020 / Uncategorized / 0 Comments

    The word Veda comes from the root word Vid, which implies Wisdom. Vedic texts, including the Vedas, Upanishads, Aranyakas, Shastras and Sutras are collection of greater knowledge and deeper wisdom on achieving sustainable peace and prosperity at an...

  • Kautilya's Arthashastra on Personal Wealth Creation

    June 21,2020 / The Kautilya Project / 0 Comments

    A significant amount of people invest their energy today in building their careers, and organizations, in the hope to achieve a financially secure future. Starting from their schooling, college education until professional skill development, they...

  • The Yoga of Management

    June 21,2020 / Vedic Management / 0 Comments

    Yoga is known to many as an exercise, posture, and meditation. This kind of Yoga is called Astanga Yoga which happens to be a small part of larger Yogic Knowledge practiced and professed by Yogic seers.  The Sanskrit word Yoga comes from the root...

  • The Kautilya's Perspective on Wealth: Artha, Vyartha and Anartha

    June 15,2020 / The Kautilya Project / 6 Comments

    Kautilya advises, “Wealth has only three ends – it’s either spent on deserving people or things, misspent on undeserving people and things or just rots away and falls into the hands of others (deserving or undeserving).” Stagnant wealth is...

  • The Vedic origins of Rationalism

    June 12,2020 / Vedic Management / 1 Comments

    Does Vedic literature, starting from the Vedas, Aranyakas, Upanishads, Ramayana, Mahabharata, up until Arthashastra, qualify as “religious” scriptures? Do they, in any way, promote misguided ideas like blind beliefs? Are they bereft of...

The Kautilyan Perspective

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Latest Course on Kootaneeti Sign Up now The Fundamentals of KOOTANEETI is an affordable, Self-paced, online-course on time-tested as well as timeless Vedic Art & Science of KOOTANEETI – a subtle, counter offensive strategy tool to neutralize threats no matter how powerful or severe. Designed & developed by U. Mahesh Prabhu, a seasoned media, management and political consultant,

The Kautilya Project

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Articles on Vedic Leadership Counselling™

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  • What is Vedic Counselling? Why is it important?

    August 30,2020 / Vedic Counselling Vedic Leadership Counselling / 0 Comments

    It does not matter what a person might pursue in life, there is but one quintessential purpose behind such pursuits – happiness. But then the question many people often fail to ask is whether such pursuit must be mired in stress and its resultant pain. Is pain inescapable? Is it something we got to deal with without any choice? Is there a way out of it? There can be no doubts about the fact that modern medicine has made great strides with the advancement in technologies. Humanity has...

Rishi Tales - Vedic Stories of Wisdom

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  • The Three Crucial Questions

    April 19,2020 / Rishi Tales / 2 Comments

    This story is a part of RISHI TALES (Volume 1) by U. Mahesh Prabhu with Foreword by Dr David Frawley.  The book is available on Amazon.com for $9.99 and Amazon.in for INR 200.00 Bhoja Raja, also known as Raja Bhoj, was one of the greatest kings...

  • When a Rishi drank wine

    September 25,2019 / Rishi Tales / 0 Comments

    Long ago, in a city called Avantika, there lived a Rishi. He was held in high esteem not only by the common people but also by the king of the land. Whenever the king felt disturbed in mind, he would approach the Rishi. The Rishi’s wisdom-enriched...

  • The king who relinquished his throne to teach a deserving student

    June 12,2019 / Rishi Tales / 0 Comments

    An aging Brahmin was overwhelmed by his poverty. Without any wealth, he was respected neither by his relatives, nor his children nor his wife. All that he wanted was to find a way to earn enough wealth to win back his dignity and respect in the...

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