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In an ever-changing world fraught with complexities and challenges, Yogic Parenting Volume I by Jennifer Taylor and Sophia Malahieude emerges as a guiding light for parents and children navigating the complexities of modern life. Drawing inspiration from the profound realms of Vedic sciences, this book seeks to rekindle the long-forgotten art of balanced nurturing.

At its core, this work aims to revive the concept of balanced nurturing—an ancient wisdom deeply rooted in Vedic traditions. It emphasizes the importance of providing the right knowledge, nourishment, thoughts, and ideals throughout the stages of life. Yogic Parenting Volume I aspires to transcend the mere creation of responsible citizens, striving instead to nurture enlightened beings—individuals in tune with the universe, capable of transforming the world.

In our times, the essence of balanced nurturing, once revered, has been reduced to ceremonial rituals. Yogic Parenting Volume I is revival of wisdom that once guided sages and seers. Within these pages, readers will embark on a journey to rediscover and harness this ancient wisdom, paving the way for a more harmonious and enlightened existence for both parents and children.


Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor, a versatile professional and mother in Mather, Pennsylvania, with over two decades in hospitality and a CNA certification, passionately integrates ancient Indian wisdom into modern parenting, empowering balanced, mindful families.

Sophie Malahieude

A multicultural mom, Sophie promotes holistic family wellness as a Holistic Wellness Consultant. She believes in unlocking innate healing through mindful living and fostering individual and community well-being.

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Dhyana: The Vehicle of Intellect and Self-Counseling
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Healing The Mind Through Sage Conversations
To counsel effectively, one must possess a calm and wise mind, as it is only through understanding and internalizing knowledge that one can guide others on their journey towards fulfilment and enlightenment. The Gitas found in Vedic texts continue to be relevant sources of timeless wisdom and guidance...
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Achieving Organizational Well-being Through Mental Resilience
In an era where business pressures are relentless, discover how mental well-being forms the cornerstone of organizational resilience. This article explores how ancient Vedic practices, Yogic Counseling, and Kootaneeti, can equip leaders with the serenity and strategic prowess to navigate the tumultuous...
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Insights on Kootaneeti

Dharma & Deception: Handling Cunning Adversaries
In the fast-paced and competitive landscape of today's world, dealing with cunning adversaries is a skill that can make or break your success. As the Shukracharya in Shukra Neeti suggests, strategic knowledge...
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How Great Men of the Vedic Era Became Gods in Hindu Tradition
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Navigating Complex Realities in a Binary World With Kootaneeti
In an era where we're plagued by an excess of information but a deficit of wisdom, where problems seem to compound as solutions falter, the ancient concept of Kootaneeti may offer a path forward. Rooted...
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Importance of Fear Relinquishment in Practice of Kootaneeti
In the realm of human emotions, fear stands out as a powerful force that can either empower or debilitate us. Ancient Vedic texts, penned by the insightful Rishis, offer a profound perspective on fear,...
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China's Art of War Versus India's Kootaneeti
In a world where international dynamics and regional tensions shape the course of history, few nations loom as large as China. The dragon's ascent onto the global stage has been marked by a series of calculated...
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The Enigmatic Power of Ancient Rajagurus
Vedic India's regal tapestry is woven with tales of kings who ruled vast territories and built grand empires. But behind every great king stood a figure of immense wisdom: the Rajaguru, or the King's Mentor....
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Vedic Perspectives on Friendship & Enmities
Friendships and enmities have played a significant role in shaping human interactions throughout history. The Vedic scriptures, with their profound wisdom, offer insights into the nature of these relationships,...
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Handling Uncertainties & Adverse Challenges with Advanced Kootaneeti Course
The Advanced Kootaneeti Course offers a transformative perspective on navigating life's complexities, drawing from Vedic wisdom. It teaches the art of distinguishing opportunities from threats, reframing...
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Understanding Difference Between Truth & Fact
In our quest to understand the nature of reality and the world around us, we often encounter two seemingly similar but fundamentally distinct concepts: Truth and Fact. These concepts have profound implications...
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