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Founded in 2016, by U. Mahesh Prabhu along with David Frawley, Vedic Management Center (VMC) is a transformative training, mentoring, counseling and consulting organization specializing in the areas of leadership development for business, economics, politics, and diplomacy. The word 'Vedic' comes from the word 'Veda' which in turn comes from the root Sanskrit word 'Vid' – meaning Wisdom. VMC intends to present time-tested as well as timeless Vedic knowledge and wisdom to address some of the most pressing challenges of the modern world, at an individual as well as institutional level.

The Kautilyan Perspective | U. Mahesh Prabhu Why extended periods of lockdowns are not the answer for pandemics
Let us not be swayed by fear. Let us practice caution and pursue our lives as normally as we can. To lock ourselves up from life and nature also weakens our immunity. It can only be a short term measure. What we can do is put those suffering from symptoms under special care or lockdown. In the meantime, we need to strengthen the immunity of the general population by allowing them to lead healthy lives, not locked down under fear except as a short term necessity.

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The Kautilyan Perspective | U. Mahesh Prabhu 7 Crucial Steps PM Modi must take to protect Indian Economy
In this edition of 'The Kautilya Perspective' columnist, U. Mahesh Prabhu suggests seven crucial steps for PM Modi to take towards protecting the Indian economy from the economic fallout owing to Covid19 pandemic. Read the full article
The Kautilyan Perspective | U. Mahesh Prabhu Why the collapse of Chinese Communist Party may now be inevitable? A great many metrics and variables along with the unclear consequences of the catastrophe within the Communist curtain; a weakened China is no more a possibility but a certainty. U. Mahesh Prabhu argues... Read the full article

The Kautilyan Perspective

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A self-paced online course designed to empower individuals aspiring/retaining/succeeding in the position of leadership while understanding the clear and present practical challenges vis-a-vis time-tested timeless knowledge and wisdom on leadership propounded by Kautilya a.k.a. Chanakya one of the greatest thinkers of all times.

Kautilya Leadership Program

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The Kautilya Project

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Vedic Leadership Counselling™ is a transformative counseling model by U. Mahesh Prabhu built on time-tested knowledge & wisdom to help leaders attaining a balanced state of mind by alleviating the impurities of the mind, increasing the power of the mind and the strength of the mind in a way that no weakness of the mind remains, curing ailments of the mind and distancing from the enemy of the mind while identifying and retaining friends of the mind through wise conversations. Know more Inspiring the Intellect through Power of Conversation! Vedic Leadership Counseling

Articles on Vedic Leadership Counselling™

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Rishi Tales - Vedic Stories of Wisdom

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  • The Three Crucial Questions

    April 19,2020 / Rishi Tales / 2 Comments

    This story is a part of RISHI TALES (Volume 1) by U. Mahesh Prabhu with Foreword by Dr David Frawley.  The book is available on Amazon.com for $9.99 and Amazon.in for INR 200.00 Bhoja Raja, also known as Raja Bhoj, was one of the greatest kings...

  • When a Rishi drank wine

    September 25,2019 / Rishi Tales / 0 Comments

    Long ago, in a city called Avantika, there lived a Rishi. He was held in high esteem not only by the common people but also by the king of the land. Whenever the king felt disturbed in mind, he would approach the Rishi. The Rishi’s wisdom-enriched...

  • The king who relinquished his throne to teach a deserving student

    June 12,2019 / Rishi Tales / 0 Comments

    An aging Brahmin was overwhelmed by his poverty. Without any wealth, he was respected neither by his relatives, nor his children nor his wife. All that he wanted was to find a way to earn enough wealth to win back his dignity and respect in the...

  • A Rishi, a Dimwit and the Distortion of the Vedic Teachings

    April 22,2019 / Rishi Tales / 1 Comments

    This ancient Vedic Sanskrit tale, translated and retold by U Mahesh Prabhu, explains how downright materialistic and heathen practices wrongly came to be known as "Vedic."

  • The Story of Rishi Ashtavakra

    January 11,2019 / Rishi Tales / 0 Comments

    “O King, Knowledge is that which instils humility. In the absence of humility, knowledge destructs and wisdom become elusive. The collapse of great empires and destruction of finest people has happened not due to external factors but owing to...

  • Trivial Actions. Severe Consequences.

    January 10,2019 / Rishi Tales / 0 Comments

    A Rishi wandered from village to village, and from town to town, followed by a lone disciple. The disciple, a restless young man, was in the habit of talking rashly and doing things which were not necessary. “My child, you must try to exercise...

  • Bhartrihari: The King who became a Rishi

    January 07,2019 / Rishi Tales / 0 Comments

    As wise Rishis have justly declared, ‘To die is a passing pain but to be poor is an eternal anguish.’ Besides, I am also in agreement with the Rishis’ declaration, ‘It is better to die loved in youth and not hated in old age.’ If you would...

  • Rishi Tales 2: Foreword by Dr David Frawley

    January 06,2019 / Rishi Tales / 0 Comments

    Mahesh Prabhu presents these wisdom stories in their core essence, relaying and focusing their deeper meaning, not interfering with it or reducing it to alien and superficial concepts. His stories are short, poignant, and diverse, with multiple...

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