Guru’s test of Morality

Yogeshwara (grandmaster of yoga) Shiva was teaching his students about spirituality, meditation and morality. At the end of the course, Shiva decided to test his disciples. He asked them to do something that was completely unethical, unjust as well as immoral. The students were in a complete dilemma, for they believed in following their guru blindly (although Shiva himself never taught that).Not knowing what to do – most hung their heads. But one of the students grabbed Shiva’s own axe and attacked the Yogeshwara by hitting him hard on the head. The others were flabbergasted. Shiva, however, was delighted. He hugged his young disciple.”You are my most capable student. You resisted immorality by not bothering about the cost, emotions or consequences.” Shiva then gave the young man his axe as a mark of appreciation. The injury is said to have left a scar on Shiva’s face owing to which Shiva also got a nickname “Khanda Parashu” – the one hit by an axe. The young man came to be known as “Parashurama” – the one with the axe. Moral: No guru is above morality, law or justice (Dharma).

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