Fear Factor

There is an interesting story about the goddess of disease, who was went  from village to village making people severely sick. However, in one village, the village goddess stopped her from entering since she was morally bound to protect them. The goddess of disease argued, “It is your Karma (virtue) as well as Dharma (Duty) to protect – it is mine to cause illness and death in order to balance the population on Mother Earth. We are part of the same creation. Therefore, you should allow me to enter and do my dharma.” The village goddess granted  permission – reluctantly – on a condition that the goddess of disease would not take the lives of  more than two people. However, after the stipulated time was over, just as goddess of disease was about to leave the village, the goddess of village called out to the her and asked “What did you do? I allowed you only to take the lives of two people – but so far ten have died!” The goddess of disease replied “I did exactly as you requested – but the others died (or are dying) out of fear of disease.” Moral: Our fear is often worse than the problem. Let go off your fear to find perpetual happiness and bliss within.

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