Circumstances or Choice? What makes us?

A drunkard and a fiend had two sons.Frequently, he would curse, abuse and beat his wife and kids. Time passed and the kids grew up. A family friend of theirs decided to visit both of the kids who lived in different places. He first went to the elder son; he did the same thing as his fiend father did – curse, abuse and beat his wife and kids. The relative asked “Why are you like this?” The first son replied “My father was like this, I am his son… what else do you think I can be?” The relative, after some time, visited the second son. He was a fine, refined and wise gentleman. “How come you are like this?” the family friend asked. The second son replied “My father was a drunkard and a fiend, he made our lives horrible beyond comprehension. I suffered because of this. I don’t want others to suffer the way I have.” Moral: We are not the result of our circumstances alone,but also the result of the choices we make. So make wise choices.

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