Effects of attachment

A young lad in his twenties, frustrated with life, decided to take a vow of Sanyasa. He had nothing but loin cloths with him when he left for the woods to pursue deep meditation ,to practice Brahmacharya as well as Sanyasa – for the rest of his life. He promised never to have any material attachments. One day he found that the food he collected by foraging was being eaten by rats. So he went back to the city and got a cat. Eventually, the cat became hungry, and so he went to the city and got a cow to ensure a constant supply of milk for the cat. Taking care of that cow proved to extremely difficult and a distraction from his penance. So he went back – again – to the city and got a girl to do his errands. Eventually, he fell in love with the girl and soon they got married. After some time they had kids; to get supplies for their well being he had to go back to the city every now and then. So they decided to move to the city for good. Moral: No one who seeks material possessions – including wealth, publicity or even appreciation – is capable of Sanyasa. Sanyasa ends in a manner similar to what happened to the young lad in the story. Hari Om!

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