Deeds versus Creed

Once, two friends were walking towards a brothel when they heard some people reciting Vedic hymns beautifully. “Come, friend,” said the one to the other, “let us hear the wisdom of Vedas.” So saying he went in and sat down. The second man peeped in for a while but entered a brothel for some carnal entertainment – anyway. But soon he felt disgusted. “Shame on me!” he said to himself, adding “My friend has been listening to the words of wisdom and I…!” Strangely, the friend who had been listening to the Vedas also became disgusted and left towards the brothel and his friend. “What a fool am I!” he said, adding “I have been listening to this fellow’s rants while my friend is having a fine time in that brothel.” And soon he started towards the brothel! Unfortunately, on their way they both died in an accident. The Yama (lord of death) duly came for both. The one who had listened to the Vedas was dragged to hell while the one who had been to the house of prostitution was dispatched to heaven. Moral? You are judged by your deeds; not your reads and creeds. Hari Om!

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