10 Qualities and Characteristics of The Wise

Exclusive to Vedic Management Center by U. Mahesh Prabhu

So, how do we know if someone is wise or otherwise? It’s a simple question with a complex answer. Wisdom is not ingrained ability – people are seldom born wise. For wisdom to dwell in an individual, (s)he must nurture specific skills besides accumulating experience and insights over the years. There’re a few characteristics which could help us in determining if a person is truly wise:

  1. RECLUSIVE: Wise people are often reclusive. Not because they hate people but because they know how to be at peace with themselves. They don’t purse anything unless essential, they speak only when it’s important.
  2. HUMBLE: Wise people seldom brag about themselves or their accomplishments. They seldom answer a question until it is asked. They, also, answer briefly.
  3. LISTENING: Wise have a great quality of listening and observing.
  4. NONCONFORMISTS: They don’t have a respect for any status quo although they may not seek a confrontational route – not until they’ve the means and measure to disrupt it. They realize the fact that change is the only constant. Not to adapt would mean to perish.
  5. OPEN MINDED: Wise listen to everyone but decide for themselves and do whatever they think to be best. They’ve their own way of understanding. They don’t buy into anything with haste but can often be found listening to what others are offering. They could read all the newspapers in the world but their opinion is formed by their own instincts and intuition.
  6. SOLVING: Wise don’t crib about that which has happened or that which is to happen. They focus exclusively on the moment to find a solution to the problem that may be on the horizon. They live by the moment. They truly are the ones who know “Yesterday is a history, tomorrow is a mystery… but today is a gift – that’s why we call it a present.”
  7. UNGREEDY: Wise understand the difference between Need and Greed. They know that only they – themselves – can assess what’s is needed for them and therefore address only to their need. They seldom compare with needs of others or comment on what constitute need or greed for others.
  8. GENEROUS: Wise are generous – true – but only to those who they think are deserving. Their assessment of deserving is based on their understanding, knowledge, retrospection and experience – which are often significant from that of a layman.
  9. RETROSPECTIVE: Wise often take time to reflect on their own actions and thoughts. Through this reflective attitude of theirs they often grown not just in terms of information, knowledge and skills – but also wisdom.
  10. CONTENTFUL: No person can be considered as a wise without a sense of contentment. If a person is found cribbing – (s)he’s far from wise. That is not to mean that wise don’t have problems. Problems – one must understand – is a matter of perception. Problem is a situation at first. If a situation is not conducive – we call it a problem. But as we’ve seen it’s often in unconducive situation that better things have come from. Wise understand this and seek a way out rather than cribbing about the problem.

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