Vedic Management in the Planetary Age

Exclusive to Vedic Management Center by Dr David Frawley (Vamadeva Shastri) 

We would all be much happier in life if we could discover a simple system of management in order to bring harmony to our complicated lives, extending to our ever growing and quickly changing inner and outer, individual and collective challenges.

Today we are experiencing much unnecessary stress and confusion because our lives are too busy with too many things happening all at once. We find it difficult to find the rest and relaxation necessary to renew ourselves, or the freedom from worries to explore the spiritual life. While we have more information and more possessions, we have less of time, which means that our lives may be moving faster than our ability to appreciate them. Those in positions of leadership find it difficult to keep track of current changes, much less guide them in a meaningful and insightful manner.

We are on the lookout for someone or some approach to guide us through the bewildering information technology that marks our current era of humanity. There are many options for us to choose from, but we do not know exactly what we are looking for. Sometimes we naively think that we can learn a formula or discover a software program that can quickly solve our dilemmas without any further confusion.  But the efforts we develop to guide or improve our lives sometimes get us caught in greater difficulties and dilemmas.

There is a simple solution to all our life problems – we should have no doubt about it – but that solution may not be found on the outside or in any type of machine, equipment or device. Another person can certainly guide us to it, but cannot do it for us. The solution lies within ourselves, in our ability to access our own deeper awareness that extends to nature’s intelligence and to the cosmic mind itself.  This is something that we may need help in discovering, but the effort to apply it must ultimately be our own.

Vedic Arts and Sciences as Vedic Management

How can we achieve this daunting task of developing our cosmic connection in order to bring harmony to all levels of our lives? In this regard the ancient system of Vedic knowledge remains relevant and practical, capable of renewing itself in the face of our new challenges and charting a clear way forward that we can follow with peace and contentment. The many branches of Vedic knowledge through Yoga, Vedanta and Ayurveda, and its special tools of contemplation, mantra and meditation, have an efficacy and relevance that is perennial.

These Vedic arts and sciences form the greater corpus of what we could call “Vedic management,” meaning using a higher knowledge to organize how we live and interact, think and feel.  The Vedic approach to managing both our lives and minds provides us with a well-developed system of resources through which we can improve both our inner and outer experiences.

Vedic knowledge provides us a blueprint to the universe as a whole, and to the workings of our own bodies and minds. It reflects the energetics and vibratory movements of the universe that are ultimately rooted in consciousness itself. Vedic knowledge helps us understand how the forces of nature and of human society can work and unfold together in an organic and energetic manner, towards higher evolution and transformation.

Vedic knowledge systems like Yoga and Ayurveda cover every aspect of our existence from health to relationship, career, wealth, creativity and Self-realization. With the universal key of Vedic management, we can unlock the greater potentials within ourselves that extend to life as a whole and can optimize all that we do.

Vedic Management

Veda is the ancient Sanskrit term for higher knowledge – for wisdom born of direct perception and direct experience within our own awareness. Veda refers to that life wisdom in which we understand our place in the universe as a whole, not as a material structure, but as part of a single consciousness and its organic unfoldment.

Vedic management is a management by knowledge for the sake of greater knowledge. Its goal is to make us both more efficient and more aware, which go together. Only when we are fully aware can we be the most efficient. Yet Vedic management is a management not by information but by consciousness, not for the sake of mere information but for the development of insight and awareness. Vedic knowledge uses information but according to higher principles, not as an end in itself.

Veda reveals Dharma, the natural laws of the universe, as a higher knowledge rooted in cosmic intelligence. Vedic knowledge requires working with the forces of eternity through both nature and spirit. It is not limited to time bound constructs, human desires, social and historical concerns. Yet these very enduring principles of dharma hold the key to how forces work at a transient level, putting us in touch with their foundation powers. The alignment of dharmic forces and facilitating their mutual interaction is a prime principle of Vedic management. Through Vedic knowledge we recognize dharma capacities and learn how to aid in their development.

Vedic management indicates using Vedic principles and practices to organize our lives, activities and professions. Vedic principles are many but all emphasize unitary consciousness, cosmic vision and inner awareness. They include working with the energies around us defined according to awareness, prana, gunas (qualities) and karmas.

Vedic management implies being able to access our own higher potentials and manifest them in the external world, the powers of our inner intelligence, Self and Atman. It is a management system rooted in our higher Self and inner being. Vedic management organizes our lives around an unchanging inner principle of Self-knowledge and Self-awareness. It is a management of the diverse outer factors of our lives by a unitary inner awareness. This makes Vedic management very different from purely outward based management considerations in which economic or social factors predominate.

Vedic management reflects the very nature and structure of the universe, the organization of the cosmos that is a harmonious, interdependent and multileveled reality of matter, life, mind and consciousness. We must learn to organize our individual lives and societies according to these laws of life and nature, starting with a deeper understanding of our own nature and consciousness.

This inner connection with the universe makes Vedic management radically different from other forms of management and enables it to bring in higher forces of transformation than those available from outer considerations alone. Vedic management can ultimately take us beyond time, space and karma to an overflowing presence of unlimited Being, Consciousness and Bliss. It can link our human knowledge based systems with cosmic knowledge and the workings of the spiritual intelligence behind the universe.

Vedic management does help us manage knowledge systems of all types. But it requires the coordination of outer knowledge systems through science and technology with higher knowledge based systems as in Yoga and Vedanta, which means subordinating outer knowledge systems to inner knowledge systems. This reflects an understanding of all types of knowledge as twofold: the lower knowledge as comprising the realm of name, form and number, such as emphasized in science, and the higher knowledge comprising knowledge of the eternal, inner being or Self – a concern as old as the ancient Upanishads

Vedic management implies working with all the systems of Vedic knowledge as defined in Vedic texts. Vedic Management employs Vedic knowledge systems like Yoga and Ayurveda both to run existing organizations and to develop new Vedic institutions. Yet any organization, group or community can become Vedic by operating according to Vedic values and practices, and by encouraging Yoga practices among its workers. Let us explore these Vedic potentials and see how they can help transform all that we do.

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