Hiss and Bite

There once was a vicious snake blessed with lethal venom; so terrified were people about it that none dared to pass through the forest ruled by it. They preferred a longer route to their destination – but never the road which passed through that jungle. After a great many years, when a celebrated Rishi – gifted with some special power – ventured through the same forest, ferocious snake attacked him with his venom. But the rishi was unaffected by it. The snake was impressed and sought the rishi to take the snake as his disciple. The rishi agreed on one condition “You will never bite people, from now on” The snake agreed and became his student. After a couple of weeks – rishi took leave from the snake to take a pilgrimage. Months passed. When the rishi returned from his long journey to the same forest – the snake was in a despicable condition. “What happened?” the rishi asked, the snake replied “You said not to bite; when people came to know of my vow they started bullying  me, pelting stones and what not…” The rishi smiled before he replied “I asked you to stop biting – NOT HISSING.”


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