A Rishi, a Dimwit and the Distortion of the Vedic Teachings

This ancient Vedic Sanskrit tale, translated and retold by U Mahesh Prabhu, explains how downright materialistic practices wrongly came to be known as "Vedic."

A dimwit lad found a Rishi meditating deep in the woods under a tree. His face was graceful, peaceful and happy. He looked around, there was nothing great around the sage; neither any valuables nor any objects of comfort.

“He has got nothing and yet he is happy. How could that be possible?” he grew curious.

In haste, he woke the sage from his deep meditation and asked, “Tell me, sire, you got nothing how are you happy?”

The Rishi smiled, “I have nothing, so I am happy.”

The logic proved too much. “Is that because of meditation?” the anxious lad questioned.

“It is because I am happy I can meditate.”

The young man was unable to comprehend the Rishi’s wisdom. “So what happens when you meditate?” the man asked instead.

The Rishi tried his best but failed to explain. In the end, he replied, “You know the pleasure you derive from sexual intercourse or while being intoxicated?”

“Yes, Yes…” the young man replied.

“I experience joy way more than such vain acts during my meditation.”

“I see,” seemed like he was finally getting it.

Then the lad took leave, went home, dawned the garb like that of a Rishi, grew his hair & beard then spent all his time fornicating, intoxicating and then writing his carnal experience in Sanskrit.

And because it was in Sanskrit, everyone thought this charlatan to be a “Rishi” and began calling his heathen teachings and text as “Vedic.”

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