VMC Recognizes Three New Fellows

Vedic Management Centre today has officially recognized four promising professionals as its “Fellow.” VMC had constituted an “Only by invitation” Fellowship program and had offered it to people with an absolute interest in revisiting ancient Vedic knowledge and wisdom with the scientific and rational approach with a clear intent of reviving its progressive, practical as well as productive aspects.

According to U. Mahesh Prabhu, Founder & Director of VMC “We have always held that Vedic heritage although an integral part of India’s national culture is a global heritage. Our objective has been focused on reintroducing those aspects of Vedic knowledge that can help in universal welfare and the greater good.” He further added, “It is my strong belief these six fellows will play a greater role in building the Vedic knowledge and wisdom for addressing trivial as well as complex challenges facing humanity the world over.”

The people recognized as fellows are:

  1. Cosmin Constantin Cobuz
  2. Arvis Vilcins
  3. Dipika Mehta

As a part of their fellowship, the fellows will work closely with the director in identifying research areas to focus, write blogs, articles, papers, and books.

For more information or clarification please write to Maya Vanburg at maya@vedic-management.com


January 9, 2020

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