The Wisdom of the Rishikas for Evolutionary Feminism

Special Article by Cheryl Colvard

We have seen so many examples through life where women have been conditioned within various mindsets.   Humans have twisted and embellished wisdom to fit their agendas.  Structures and content have been fed into our minds since infancy.  This plays out in a multitude of aspects and not only for women.  These structures and their complex content infiltrate and affect us all.

Yes, we can release these programs from within ourselves.  We can unravel the ropes unconsciously twisted within our minds.  When focusing on the Rishikas as an example, we learn how these wise women model a true and timeless feminist, we learn that rather than being a “reactionary feminist”, we can be “an evolutionary feminist”.   We can learn how to evolve within ourselves to better serve ourselves and the greater good of all.  This type of feminism is a meta feminism.  The ultimate in healthy self-growth, an inner strength fostering wise humans, and ultimately a benefit to all surrounding.

These courageous individuals are continually cleaning the cobwebs woven through societies, families, and friends.  They are clearing misconceptions, repression, and subjugation.  The evolutionary mind questions and seeks to understand all being from its source.

Remember the typical princess stories that we so early plant into a child’s mind?  The lonely bored princess who gets swept off her feet by the strong charismatic man that comes around and gives meaning to her life.  These and other concepts have been instilled at an early age and will take time to notice and transform.  I honestly feel that if these stories fed into our minds were different, the outcome of our lives would have taken on an entirely different turn.  What if the story was of a Rishika type woman?  A wise woman.  An enlightened woman.  How many women and men out there would be so desperate to find their true love?  Where did the story go wrong for many of them?  How was it that it became the backbone of some girl’s whole existence?  Why should a girl be made to fascinate about a “prince charming”?  Why should a boy feel he needs to be one?  Who really are the ones who benefit from such stories?  Why can’t a woman be a Priest?  Why is it that many parents pray for a male child?  I have witnessed this in my own culture.  Women around the world are still often viewed as property of father, husband, and then their children. Why are people disgusted by a woman’s cycle?  I loved the quote Mahesh mentioned from Vedic Wisdom stating that “women have a method of cleaning themselves… men do not.”  It is all in the way you look at things and one day we will look back at how archaic these mindsets were.

I have seen that women are respected and equal under Vedic wisdom.  Women are respected and equal under All Wisdom.  Wisdom is regardless of gender, religion, dogma, opinion, history, and belief.  There is a reason for this.   A reason that transcends the ego, lust, envy, greed, infatuation, fear, and anger.

To make a profound impact in the rise and growth of this evolutionary woman and man we must develop and nurture truth and wisdom within ourselves.  As the common quote says “Be the change you wish to see in the world” by Mahatma Gandhi.  But what does that really mean?  It is not by being this surface change in one moment or in one aspect on one topic, but to know the root of the change you want to see.  Once we can fathom these deeper layers and are in sync with our deepest selves, we can then Be the wisdom that you need to make the change, which is the change in and of itself.  It goes deeper within the soil to create an authentic and all-pervading change.  The rose will bloom in its full glory and your world’s garden will thrive.

Everyone can use Vedic wisdom as a guide.  A clearing manual for the mind.   A mind gardening handbook.  A choice I am so grateful that we have.  All while being careful and mindful of the many misinterpretations that will be scattered amongst us.  As a woman, to truly strengthen ourselves is to give rise to that genuine strong meta feminism within, coming from a sound and professionally managed mind with the heart to match.  By gradually dispelling the myths and concepts you have accumulated and consciously growing your own inner compass based on pure wisdom, we can add our authentic positive impact towards a safer and kinder world.

Fighting others, reacting to others, blaming, and hearing others preach is exhausting.  You will only create so much change before you yourself will be losing in your own battle.  This is not a healthy way to live.  When you are angry, afraid, and against the world you don’t have a strong base to work from.   Although I understand we are all on our own paths and some journey this way as part of their realization, some of you may choose the path of inner and unclouded wisdom.

There is no way around doing the inner work for most of us.  It will face us at every step of our way, rearing its ugly head just when we think we are through.  We can aide ourselves in our growth with the study of the ancient Rishikas and Rishis wisdom.  Some may intuitively have much of it already in their hearts.  But, by studying we can highlight and give these great wisdom a chance to flourish.  This garden has many types of weeds and it is our task to find the healthy beneficial plants among them, plant seeds of our own, & see the true beauty with clarity.

Having Vedic wisdom as a guide and knowing what we are working towards are strong tools in keeping the garden professionally managed.  The ultimate purpose and goal are for the betterment of the world as well as us.  The whole world… not just the world you agree with or enjoy.

Having great discernment is another great tool.  It is easy to become lost among all that is offered to us.  The choices can be overwhelming if you do not see them for what they are.  Knowing which seeds are of pure wisdom and which have been shadowed by fear, ego, anger, infatuation, greed, lust, and envy will help you in strengthening your garden over time.  Pull these weeds out when you can.  This mind garden must be repeatedly tended to.  In addition, this garden may also have a gate.  If you can see weeds or unhelpful thoughts forming and know they are not of the greatest use to you, you can choose to leave them out.  This garden of your consciousness is your very own garden of being.  Your personal temple.  Will you tend to it or let it be overgrown by neighboring weeds? Histories weeds?  Cultures weeds?  Weeds that seem of good intentions but leave you trapped, unsatisfied, angry, and un-empowered.

Let us take action and responsibility and perform this maintenance together.  It may need more effort to get started and seem overgrown and unmanageable but once you clear a portion the payoff will be life changing and enhancing for you and every plant around you.

What is involved in retraining the mind? It will take a continual reminding and remembering of what you want to be, what you can be, and what you truly are.  You will need to keep yourself inspired and focused. It may not be a priority yet, but as you chip away, you will instill and plant what you want to grow. You will tend to this garden forever and with a reverence.   Be gentle with yourself if you fall out of practice.  Allow yourself to go through these cycles.  Rest when you need to, you can always return.  Getting in sync with yourself and all your variations of self by working them together rather than against the other is key.  Every gardener knows this work.   We know that the plants that take over a garden must be kept in a certain area.  It does not mean it is of no use to us, it just needs to be managed accordingly.   Accomplishing this within only then can truly happen authentically and effectively with the rest of the outer world.   This transformation is from the inside out.  Once you have felt these wisdom in your deepest heart, you will be able to come up with strategy to help others, your world family, your world self, and to understand and incorporate meaningful, impact, positive changes that improve the whole of us.

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  1. This article was an eye-opener. The social life of the Vedic era is not reckoned by most Indians. Generally, it is believed that; or it is widely propagated; on basis of the stanza in Manusmriti ” Na Sthree Swathamtryam Arhathi”. Further, the Sathy made a general opinion that Vedas are anti-feminist. Sathy practised as superstition on the basis of Daksa Yaga. It has nothing to do with Vedic Knowledge. Our Management team must change the vision and interpret controversial topics like this.

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