Vedic Management Centre is a comprehensive management training, mentoring, consulting and related services organization.

Vedic Management Center intends to bring ethical, innovative, profitable and sustainable practices to our clients, students and mentees in line with prevailing legal, moral and professional norms.

Our philosophy stems from the Vedas (Sanskrit root Vid meaning wisdom). Wisdom is a critical element that is lacking in prevailing management practices which has lead to non-sustainable, profit-oriented unethical practices and consequently enterprises.

“Modern” assumption of Capitalism is that “profit maximization is the exclusive way for growth and sustainability of any corporation”. At VMC, we strongly believe that profits can be achieved through sustainable models by employing exemplary business ideas, cutting edge technology and wise business approaches. Our methods are dynamic yet pragmatic in approach and applicability.

When individuals or institutions approach us, we offer comprehensive consulting, mentoring and technology services in a way that meets not just their prevailing business requirements but also their future growth plans.

Statement of Principles

As an organization, we believe that Vedic principles are universal, relevant, and provide the key to the all-round development of individuals and societies across the globe. Our goal is to make such Vedic knowledge available to everyone and to become a part of regular management concerns.

Vedic teachings espouse that the goal of human life is to reach a state of lasting bliss, peace, and Self-realization. For such a state of well-being to endure, the natural, ethical and spiritual laws that govern the entire universe must be followed. We hold that if organizations inculcate these time-tested Vedic principles, to prevailing modern practices, they are destined not just to prosper but also to sustain their growth in a beneficial manner for generations to come.

Vedic knowledge emphasizes enduring values and their creative adaptation to issues at hand. We promote Vedic value-based systems that empower both individuals and groups to develop a sustainable personal and collective well-being.

We see individuals and institutions as integral parts of the greater social organism, whose purpose is to create abundance for all through value-based activities and enterprises. We offer Vedic programs that aim to serve the long-term interests of humanity through a deeper understanding of the human mind and psyche.