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Founded in 2016 by U. Mahesh Prabhu, Vedic Management Center (VMC) is a transformative training, mentoring, counseling and consulting organization specializing in the areas of leadership development for business, economics, politics, and diplomacy. The word ‘Vedic’ comes from the word ‘Veda’ which in turn comes from the root Sanskrit word ‘Vid’ – meaning Wisdom. VMC intends to present time-tested as well as timeless Vedic knowledge and wisdom to address some of the most pressing challenges of the modern world, at an individual as well as institutional level.

Vedic Management Center intends to bring ethical, innovative, profitable, and sustainable practices to our clients, students, and mentees in line with prevailing legal, moral, and professional norms.

Our philosophy stems from the Vedas (Sanskrit root Vid meaning wisdom). Wisdom is a critical element that is lacking in prevailing management practices which has lead to non-sustainable, profit-oriented unethical practices, and consequently enterprises.

“Modern” assumption of Capitalism is that “profit maximization is the exclusive way for growth and sustainability of any corporation”. At VMC, we strongly believe that profits can be achieved through sustainable models by employing exemplary business ideas, cutting edge technology, and wise business approaches. Our methods are dynamic yet pragmatic in approach and applicability.

When individuals or institutions approach us, we offer comprehensive consulting, mentoring, and technology services in a way that meets not just their prevailing business requirements but also their future growth plans.

Statement of Principles

As an organization, we believe that Vedic principles are universal, relevant, and provide the key to the all-round development of individuals and societies across the globe. Our goal is to make such Vedic knowledge available to everyone and to become a part of regular management concerns.

Vedic teachings espouse that the goal of human life is to reach a state of lasting bliss, peace, and Self-realization. For such a state of well-being to endure, the natural, ethical and spiritual laws that govern the entire universe must be followed. We hold that if organizations inculcate these time-tested Vedic principles, to prevailing modern practices, they are destined not just to prosper but also to sustain their growth in a beneficial manner for generations to come.

Vedic knowledge emphasizes enduring values and their creative adaptation to issues at hand. We promote Vedic value-based systems that empower both individuals and groups to develop sustainable personal and collective well-being.

We see individuals and institutions as integral parts of the greater social organism, whose purpose is to create abundance for all through value-based activities and enterprises. We offer Vedic programs that aim to serve the long-term interests of humanity through a deeper understanding of the human mind and psyche.

Our Values

वसुधा  एव कुटुम्बकम् |

Accepting the whole world as one’s family

Now, more than ever, no one is averse to events happening in the world, be it climate change or economic collapse. With this view, we uphold the principle that similar to one’s own family, the welfare of the entire world affects each and every one.

समर्पण भाव: |

Absolute dedication to our work

It is only through absolute dedication towards work can success be realized. Dedication is then not an act of duty or for monetary gains but as a means of self –realization and legacy building.

लोकस‍ंग्र: |

The welfare of all beings by all possible way

Success for any organization is only possible by the success of its stakeholders, be it employees, clients or the society at large. At VMC, we espouse the principle of welfare for all as a means of gauging our own success.

शुभ लाभ: |

Ethical Profits

Profits earned through principled efforts also indicate Corporate responsibility and for us the best form of public appreciation and in line with our core values and vision.

निश्काम कर्म: |

Deeds without greed

Contrary to popular opinion, we believe that generosity and benevolence with the aim of social welfare is the only true means of success and long term sustainability.

अतिह्याष्ट वर्जयेत् |

Shunning all extremes

At VMC, we support the development of balanced thinking, with the objective of taking the right action as per the situation. We shun extremes of any form and support precise, conclusive, and clear thinking when addressing any issue.



When you die, your body is buried or burnt right here on earth. The mind too is gone with the body. So what exactly do you think will go to Heaven, Swarga or Jannat instead of your body or mind? If you say, soul, then what are you going to do with all the divine pleasantries you are supposed to be rewarded in heaven which can only be enjoyed by a mind and a body? How can you burn in hell, or suffer pain when neither the body nor mind is there?

Why make yours and others life a living hell in the name of God(s), prophet and religion? Why not enjoy being right here by doing all the good you can? Why not just be and let others be?
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When you find someone living a comfortable life, never feel envy or sad. If you are inquisitive and persistent, find out as to who is paying for the person's comforts. If that person is living upon one's inheritance (parents, relatives, in-laws, ancestral property, etc.) or handouts - feel sorry for him, for that person is no better than a beggar. A person subsisting upon others can never be happy. If that person has earned every bit of money paying for those comforts, admire that person. We all can learn a thing or two from every person we meet - be they good or bad. No matter how good a person, there are bound to be some bad qualities and no matter how bad a person - there will be something definitely something good. The art of learning and inculcating the good and trying to alleviate bad from ourselves is the path of Wisdom.
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True, we all have to take a side in life. But instead of a person let that be for a goal and let that goal be universal welfare. Humans are futile. They sway, they get distracted and they change. To believe in one man as a savior or messiah and then to blindly follow him is outright stupidity. Think objectively - never subjectively. Even a analog clock that isn't working is right twice a day. When anyone does something right do appreciate them and when they are wrong do criticize them - but without abusing them. Freedom of speech is to present an argument not to abuse people.
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A crow had a piece of meat in its tiny beak. As it flew towards the skies, a whole bunch of birds followed it. "I am popular!" said the crow to itself. However, soon it realized that those birds were behind it for its meat and nothing else. It tried flying away, but the birds didn't stop the pursuit. Out of sheer exhaustion, the crow dropped the meat. Soon, all the birds stop pursuing the crow and instead started chasing another bird which had picked the flesh in its beak.

MORAL: Don't confuse your popularity for your success. Until you say and do things that please them, people will admire and adore you, and as soon as you say and do things they don't understand or dislike, or once their motives are accomplished they will begin cursing you. A reason why sages seek the company of the self, than people.
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ESSENTIALS OF VEDIC WISDOM FOR BLISSFUL LIVING | Author: U. Mahesh Prabhu | Foreword Dr. David Frawley ~ Available on Amazon.COM

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