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Life Lessons from Krishna in Vyasa’s Mahabharata

The name Krishna, or Vasudeva Krishna, has become synonymous with the Bhagavad-Gita. But not many may know that it was not named so by the Krishna Dwaipayana Vyasa a.k.a. Veda Vyasa a.k.a. Vyasa, author of Jaya which eventually came to know as the Mahabharata. As a matter of fact the …

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What is the true meaning of Dharma? Why is it relevant even today?

Dharma is a Vedic Sanskrit word that comes from its root word Dhri or Dhriti which means “to sustain.” In an era where humans are severely affected as a result of the “unsustainable action” and are trying to find ways to find “sustainable living” understanding the true knowledge and wisdom …

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The Rishikas: Who were they? Why are they important?

The word Veda comes from the root word Vid, which implies Wisdom. Vedic texts, including the Vedas, Upanishads, Aranyakas, Shastras and Sutras are collection of greater knowledge and deeper wisdom on achieving sustainable peace and prosperity at an individual as well as collective level. The sages and seers who authored …

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OnDemand Webinar: RISHIKAS: The World’s First & True Feminists

Vedic texts were written by sages and seers, who were not just great men (Rishis) but also great women (Rishikas). These colossal women played a pivotal role in the development and transmission of Vedic wisdom. Little is known about them personally, though the lineages of the Vedic sages are often …

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UPCOMING WEBINAR: The Mind & The Mantra | Vedic Webinar | Episode 6 | U. Mahesh Prabhu

Mantra is a Vedic Sanskrit word that is made of two, namely: Mana (Mind) and Traya (Protection). Mantra is anything which PROTECTS THE MIND. And not just hymns and songs found in the Vedic texts like Vedas, Upanishads, Aranyakas and Shastras. In the times we live in where a great …

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Kautilya’s Arthashastra on Personal Wealth Creation

A significant amount of people invest their energy today in building their careers, and organizations, in the hope to achieve a financially secure future. Starting from their schooling, college education until professional skill development, they invest heavily to achieve this end. And yet their lives are marred by insecurities and they often live overwhelmed by stress and anxieties. All the promises of “great jobs” of academia and “a promising future” of the employers tend to fall short and they eventually succumb to ideas such as “Life is unfair” and that “Financial security is a mirage.”  But, will that be an accurate assessment? Is there no way to earn financial security? Are they destined to suffer for want of adequate financial income? Such thoughts often end up yielding a sense of hopelessness, which in turn makes way for chaos in. They even doom people into thinking that things are “beyond reproach.”

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The Yoga of Management

Yoga is known to many as an exercise, posture, and meditation. This kind of Yoga is called Astanga Yoga which happens to be a small part of larger Yogic Knowledge practiced and professed by Yogic seers.  The Sanskrit word Yoga comes from the root word Yuj which means to link or connect, it can also mean Path. One of revered Vedic scripture – Bhagavad Gita – offers significant insight into this subject. Each of Bhagavad Gita’s 18 Chapters teaches 18 different Yoga which could be interpreted in a way as to find balance, happiness, success as well as opulence in our corporate life. Here’s my perspective of this timeless wisdom for business leaders and managers to attain their full potential:

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The Vedic Approach to Conflict Resolution by U. Mahesh Prabhu

The world is mired in myriads of conflicts. Be that conflict between two individuals, between families, businesses, or, even, nations; they have existed owing to extreme and false notions. Against all the “modern” sophistication and advancement in education, sciences and technologies; we have not only failed to find any concrete …

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The Kautilya’s Perspective on Wealth: Artha, Vyartha and Anartha

Kautilya advises, “Wealth has only three ends – it’s either spent on deserving people or things, misspent on undeserving people and things or just rots away and falls into the hands of others (deserving or undeserving).” Stagnant wealth is of no utility.

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Introduction to Yoga Vashistha | Recorded Vedic Webinar by U. Mahesh Prabhu

Yoga Vashistha (Vasistha) is probably the first, and most definitive text presenting practical and holistic approach to Yoga – one that is beyond the conventional exercises and breathing techniques. Enumerated in the original Ramayana written by a Rishi (Vedic sage) named Valmiki; it records an elaborate intellectual discussion between the then crown prince of Ayodhya – Rama – and his Rajaguru (Royal Mentor) Rishi Vashistha. At the beginning of this discussion Rama is a disillusioned individual, who, after a travel across the length and breath of his kingdom only to observe the suffering and pains of his subjects seeks renunciation to live a life of an ascetic. At the end of the discussion with Vashistha, the young prince attains a sage mind and, according to Valmiki, goes on to become Maryada Purushottam – the finest among men.Fundamental teachings of Yoga are found across all the other Vedic texts, including the Vyasa’s Mahabharata, Bhartrihari’s Neeti and Vairagya Shataka, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali as well as Arthashastra, including Arthasutras. It will not be incorrect to say that this work laid foundation for greater Vedic traditions, including Astanga Yoga – the Yoga of exercises and Pranyama. In this recorded Webinar, U. Mahesh Prabhu presents long lost, little known, as well as perennial teachings of Vashistha to help individuals attain peaceful mind amid all the chaos and uncertainties looming around the world.

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