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Vedic Management Center (VMC) was founded in 2016 by U. Mahesh Prabhu and David Frawley. The organization offers practical and balanced solutions for complex situations in the areas of Leadership, Management, Politics, Finance, Investing, Economics, and Diplomacy. VMC is a self-funded, non-religious, non-partisan organization that aims to bring ethical, innovative, profitable, and sustainable practices to its clients, students, and mentees.

Mahesh Prabhu

Founder, Chair & Professor

David Frawley

Founder, Professor & Chief Mentor


Karma in Economics
In Vedic (or ancient) India, kings and their counsellors were first taught Artha Sutras, which, in very...
From Entitlement to Empathy: The Journey Towards Wisdom
Important Highlights: In today’s fast-paced world, success is often measured in material wealth,...
The Art of Contentment
Do you ever find yourself chasing after material possessions or relying on debts to fulfill your desires?...
ArthaSutra's Two Talisman for Financial & Economic Sustainability
Article Highlights: The ancient text ArthaSutra offers timeless advice for managing finances in today’s...
criticism copy
The Vedic Perspective on Criticism
Criticism is never easy to take, and most people tend to react negatively towards it. However, as an...
The God Dilemma: Understanding the Paradoxes of Faith and Reason through Vedic Wisdom
The concept of God has been debated and discussed for centuries, with different beliefs leading to divisions,...
From Zero to Infinity: The Role of Vedic Knowledge in the Digital Age
The concept of age-old Vedic knowledge may seem far removed from the digital and planetary age, but could...
Krishna: A Pioneer in Kootayuddha & Kootaneeti
According to Vyasa, in his Mahabharata, Krishna was a Yogeshwar – The grandmaster of Yoga. But Krishna’s...
Hitashatru: That Mortal Enemy We mistake for a Dear Friend
Jealousy of people is among the many things that come along with success and wealth. And it is by far...

Category: The Kautilyan Perspective

The Kautilyan Perspective
Mahesh Prabhu

Unseating Modi: Difficult but not impossible

India’s 14th and current Prime Minister – Narendra Damodardas Modi – is the most formidable premier in history, since Jawaharlal Nehru. One could suggest that Indira Gandhi too enjoyed influence and popularity like her father, but there are more common characteristics between the reigns of Nehru & Modi. Notably, the

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The Kautilyan Perspective
Mahesh Prabhu

Gandhara to Kandahar: Importance of Vedic history of Afghanistan

In this important article Vedic Management teacher U. Mahesh Prabhu along with renowned Vedic scholar Dr David Frawley explain why the understanding of the Vedic history of Afghanistan is crucial to resolving its current crisis.   The United States’ abrupt departure from Afghanistan is being perceived around the world as a

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The Kautilyan Perspective
Mahesh Prabhu

A Global Economic Depression is Inevitable. Brace for Impact.

You can control many aspects of your own life, but others always remain that, which you cannot control. In an era when people are obsessed with money, influence, and media – losing control is something not taken kindly. Therefore, most people in positions of power fail when they to meet

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The Kautilyan Perspective
Mahesh Prabhu

Why extended periods of lockdowns are not the answer for pandemics

Much of the world has been under lockdown for over a month at present. And many governments are looking at extending the lockdown period as a “preventive measure.” Governments that are trying to end lockdown in phases, are coming under political attacks from their respective oppositions. The argument of those

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The Kautilyan Perspective
Mahesh Prabhu

7 Crucial Steps PM Modi must take to protect Indian Economy

On April 17, 2020, Governor of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Shaktikanta Das, addressed a much-hyped media gathering. Indian stock markets, hopeful of “additional stimulus package,” led to a modest spike in the market indices. In his statement, Das claims, “Indian economy was to grow at 1.7% of its GDP”

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The Kautilyan Perspective
Mahesh Prabhu

Why the collapse of Chinese Communist Party may now be inevitable?

Corona Virus, better known as Covid19, started in China, which is the reason why US President Donald Trump insisted on calling it the Chinese Virus. “It originated in China!” that is how POTUS explained it. And it may not be right to call him a “racist” for that. After all,

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