Vedic Counselling

The 17 Principles of Vedic Self-Counseling

When Vedic kings faced an emotional dilemma or a moral crisis, they sought the wise counsel of Vedic sages called as Rishis. These Rishis, also called as Rajagurus or Royal Mentors, had a unique approach to counseling, which often empowered these kings to resolve their adverse situations simply by decluttering …

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Vedic Approach to Identifying, Conquering and Transcending Fear: Bhayam, Abhayam & Nirbhayam

Fear is natural. But just because it is natural does not mean it is essential for living. We fear things we do not understand. What we cannot understand we must try to understand. We can never fear the known – fear is always about the unknown.

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Spirituality & Adhyatma: Are They Same?

Vedic Sanskrit word Aatmana or Atman is often translated as Spirit by a great many people. And hence the science, or knowledge, of Atman – Adhyatma - is translated as Spirituality. But is that an accurate translation?

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What is Vedic Counselling? Why is it important?

It does not matter what a person might pursue in life, there is but one quintessential purpose behind such pursuits – happiness. But then the question many people often fail to ask is whether such pursuit must be mired in stress and its resultant pain. Is pain inescapable? Is it …

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The Rishikas: Who were they? Why are they important?

The word Veda comes from the root word Vid, which implies Wisdom. Vedic texts, including the Vedas, Upanishads, Aranyakas, Shastras and Sutras are collection of greater knowledge and deeper wisdom on achieving sustainable peace and prosperity at an individual as well as collective level. The sages and seers who authored …

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Kritajnata: Gratitude and Appreciation vis-à-vis Dopamine and Serotonin

Why do people work so hard? Why do they earn all the money exhausting every ounce of energy within? Why do they pursue a path mired with stress, strain, pain, and discontent? Did you say happiness? If so, what is happiness? Are they Emotions? Of course, happiness is an emotion. From where do these emotions emanate from? Thoughts that stimulate such emotions stem from words; not just any words but words of appreciation; one that provides a sense of gratitude. It is the expectation to receive such words that most people do what they do. The expectation is the key. It is the sum of the essence of all the actions pursued by people.

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