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Effective Decisions: The Vedic Management Way

Exclusive to Vedic Management Centre by U. Mahesh Prabhu How do we know that a decision we take would yield us the best results? What constitutes a good decision? How do we know a decision to be bad before we take it? Questions like these often baffle people from all …

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Why “Timeless Tales of a Wise Sage” ?

Panchatantra, translated to “five strategies” in English, has always been an exception. It has not just entertained and hailed the importance of morality, besides defining it, but has also educated people about the intricacies of life – relationships, particularly. The fact that these stories have survived at least 3,000 years speaks substantially about the timeless wisdom embedded in it. When Panchatantra was first told by its author Vishnu Sharma, there was no solid material medium of record-keeping. Papyrus often failed the test of time and required constant rewriting.

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Contours of Management Education

The following article by U. Mahesh Prabhu @indiamahesh was first published by  BW Businessworld Magazine.  Some time back I had the pleasure of being an external examiner for an interesting test-assignment at a local business school. The students were given the interesting task of identifying a local business of any financial …

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Effective Decision Making: Why understanding Mana and Aatmana is crucial

Decision making is a crucial element at individual as well as institutional level. What we are today is owing to our decisions of the past and what we are to be tomorrow will be determined by the decisions we take today. Our decisions are based on situation(s) and suggestion(s) – …

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Charvak: The Vedic Atheist

Exclusive to Vedic Management Centre by U. Mahesh Prabhu “Hindu” is mainly a modern word, gaining prominence over the past several centuries. It relates to Sindhu meaning river. We first find it in the Zend Avesta of the Persians, who called India Hapta Hindu related to the Vedic terms Sapta …

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SEM Interviews Dr David Frawley

The following interview was originally published by SWISS ENTREPRENEURS MAGAZINE Dr David Frawley a.k.a. Vamadeva Shastri is a world-renowned author, thinker, speaker as well as visionary in the field of Yoga & Ayurveda. Born in USA he spent a great many years of his life travelling across the length and …

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Vyasa’s Wise Trio: Bhishma, Vidura and Krishna

The path of religion is paved by negating logic and reason; the path of Dharma is with logic, reason as well as wisdom. Exclusive to Vedic Management Centre by U Mahesh Prabhu “With respect to Dharma, Artha and Kama, what is here may be elsewhere; but that which isn’t here …

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Vedic Management in the Planetary Age

Exclusive to Vedic Management Center by Dr David Frawley (Vamadeva Shastri)  We would all be much happier in life if we could discover a simple system of management in order to bring harmony to our complicated lives, extending to our ever growing and quickly changing inner and outer, individual and …

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Understanding the Start-up Funding Dynamics

The following column by U. Mahesh Prabhu was first published by Business Goa. There was once a widely shared belief among business fraternity: “You are worth nothing until you’re profitable”. Today this mantra doesn’t hold any water. For good, or for bad, media today is abuzz with stories of startups …

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Venture Funding: Expecting the Unexpected in Six Steps

The following article by U. Mahesh Prabhu was first published by Swiss Entrepreneurship Magazine To put any business idea in motion – funding is imperative. When scope of entrepreneur’s own money proves inadequate external funding, then, becomes a necessity. While venture capital funding is lucrative, it’s certainly not easy to …

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