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WEBINAR RECORDING: How Relevant is The Vedic Approach to Management for Sustainable Leadership?

The pandemic is far from over. Great many uncertainties continue to loom large while causing severe economic down impacting profits and incurring job losses. Organizations, be they big, medium, or small, continue to struggle. This is making a great many people to wonder if Capitalism is even the right model. …

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RECORDING: Being Calm amid the Storm

An interactive webinar by U. Mahesh Prabhu presenting the forgotten but practical teachings of the Vedic Rishis and Rishikas like Aditi, Gautami, Yami, Anamika, Avadhoota Dattatreya, Ashtavakra, Bhartrihari, Bharadwaja, and Parashara to understand the dynamics of mind and resulting stress, anxiety, panic, and depression. It will also present practical Yogic methods to avert and handle painful emotional issues including heartbreaks, betrayals, and sleeplessness by utilizing Vedic Self-Counseling techniques for identifying the causes, realigning our thoughts and decisions to make positive course correction.

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RECORDED LIVE | Shaastrartha | Episode 1 | Leadership Challenges in Post-Pandemic World

In this first episode of SHAASTRARTHA a monthly webinar cum panel discussion session the following eminent panelists joined us to present possible scenarios vis-a-vis leadership challenges in the post-pandemic world: Dr David Frawley a.k.a. Acharya Vamadeva Shastri, Founder & Chief Mentor, Vedic Management Center Dr Aswin Chandarr, Founder & CTO, …

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RISHIKAS: The World’s First & True Feminists | Recorded Live

 Vedic texts were written by sages and seers, who were not just great men (Rishis) but also great women (Rishikas). These colossal women played a pivotal role in the development and transmission of Vedic wisdom. Little is known about them personally, though the lineages of the Vedic sages are …

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The Vedic Approach to Conflict Resolution by U. Mahesh Prabhu

The world is mired in myriads of conflicts. Be that conflict between two individuals, between families, businesses, or, even, nations; they have existed owing to extreme and false notions. Against all the “modern” sophistication and advancement in education, sciences and technologies; we have not only failed to find any concrete …

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Introduction to Yoga Vashistha | Recorded Vedic Webinar by U. Mahesh Prabhu

Yoga Vashistha (Vasistha) is probably the first, and most definitive text presenting practical and holistic approach to Yoga – one that is beyond the conventional exercises and breathing techniques. Enumerated in the original Ramayana written by a Rishi (Vedic sage) named Valmiki; it records an elaborate intellectual discussion between the then crown prince of Ayodhya – Rama – and his Rajaguru (Royal Mentor) Rishi Vashistha. At the beginning of this discussion Rama is a disillusioned individual, who, after a travel across the length and breath of his kingdom only to observe the suffering and pains of his subjects seeks renunciation to live a life of an ascetic. At the end of the discussion with Vashistha, the young prince attains a sage mind and, according to Valmiki, goes on to become Maryada Purushottam – the finest among men.Fundamental teachings of Yoga are found across all the other Vedic texts, including the Vyasa’s Mahabharata, Bhartrihari’s Neeti and Vairagya Shataka, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali as well as Arthashastra, including Arthasutras. It will not be incorrect to say that this work laid foundation for greater Vedic traditions, including Astanga Yoga – the Yoga of exercises and Pranyama. In this recorded Webinar, U. Mahesh Prabhu presents long lost, little known, as well as perennial teachings of Vashistha to help individuals attain peaceful mind amid all the chaos and uncertainties looming around the world.

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