Vedic Management Center offers comprehensive range of consulting, services until mentoring services that enable and empower our clients to achieve sustainable profitability.


Comprehensive Management Courses

The courses seek to develop a dynamic mindset in regards to strategic thinking, resource management and wealth creation. The objective of the courses is to impart intuitive, practical and wise skills in order to ensure self, social and organizational welfare.


Comprehensive Business Consulting

VMC offers keen and knowledgeable solutions in order to address an organization’s current problems while also ensuring future sustainable and profitable success. Our approach is one that is radical yet subtle and appeals to conventional as well as new age business approaches.


Sustainable Entrepreneur Mentoring

Vedic Management Center provides insight, analysis and recommendations so that the entrepreneurial mindset is encouraged and profitability is ensured. We not just guide but also roll up our sleeves and work when asked for. Wealth of experience brought in by our team is also well supported by our intent to see our mentees succeed. Sustainability – financial, social as well as ecological – is the core focus in our Sustainable Entreprenuer Mentoring processes.


Technology Solution & Consulting

At Vedic Management Center, we offer innovative and cutting edge solutions in line with the system and process requirements of the organization. Our technology focus is on not just determining the right technology select but also designing the architecture in a way as to enhance visibility, increase productivity, efficient lead generation until online public and press relations. Our consulting team comes with over 15 years of average experience and have significant expertise in customizing the available open source technologies for small as well as medium sized business.


Strategic Business Planning

Vedic Management Center offers comprehensive services that take into account all aspects of the business, in order to develop a strategic vision and roadmap for the long term sustainability of the organization. Often across various stages entrepreneurs and business owners face crucial problems, from finance to marketability, that threatens their businesses’ very existence. We bring wealth of our experience to our clients empower them to overcome such obstacles in the minimum possible time besides providing them with our insights to ensure that such situation don’t arise again in the future. Our expertise have also helped organizations as well as small individuals to handle such situations on their own when coupled with our mentoring services.


Public Relations Advisory

At Vedic Management Center, we create a strategic and intuitive communication channel between the organization and their customers as per the vision of the organization. We also work with our clients as if their in house PR team from time to time to make the best of their press releases as well as other public events. We help them from putting up draft press missives, develop creative documents for press to understand their message better and even do ghost writing for articles before publishing them in relevant medias.

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