Rishikas: A Short Introductory Course

Vedic texts were written by sages and seers, who were not just great men (Rishis) but also great women (Rishikas). These colossal women played a pivotal role in the development and transmission of Vedic wisdom. Little is known about them personally, though the lineages of the Vedic sages are often listed according to their mothers.

In this fourth edition of our ongoing Vedic Webinar series, founder of the Vedic Management Center, U Mahesh Prabhu, offers a refreshing perspective on these extraordinary women whose life was their legacy. The webinar will present forgotten legends, stories, parables, and teachings of the ancient Rishikas which can provide insights to address our challenges today so we can attain true peace and prosperity.

The webinar dispels myths about the role of Vedic women as subjugated, ignorant, and submissive, and rather present their unparalleled accomplishments that continue to benefit all humanity.

Rishikas: The World’s First & True Feminists
2 hours
Short Essay Assignment on Rishikas

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Rishikas: A Short Introductory Course