The Forgotten Legend of the Rajagurus

They were powerful yet humble Kingmakers who counselled rulers, taught the kings and their kinsmen polity in their hermitages, when times demanded they served as selfless statesmen to establish peace and when they found themselves to be of no use they withdrew from the world as any reclusive hermits. The Rajgurus of Vedic era were legends who were revered by the powerful even while the masses knew nothing about them. They nurtured individuals and elevated them to position of power through their teachings, with their counseling skills they provided peace to the minds of distressed rulers, through their knowledge and wisdom they wrote perennial classics that continue to entertain, educate and, also, enlighten those who read them. In this recorded webinar, U Mahesh Prabhu presents THE FORGOTTEN LEGEND OF THE RAJGURUS and their contributions vis-a-vis as to why understanding their contributions holds the key to realizing the greater teachings of Vedic texts including Neeti, Rajaneeti & Kootaneeti.

The Forgotten Legend of the Rajagurus
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The Forgotten Legend of the Rajagurus