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Vedic Management Center (VMC) was founded in 2016 by U. Mahesh Prabhu and David Frawley. The organization offers practical and balanced solutions for complex situations in the areas of Leadership, Management, Politics, Finance, Investing, Economics, and Diplomacy. VMC is a self-funded, non-religious, non-partisan organization that aims to bring ethical, innovative, profitable, and sustainable practices to its clients, students, and mentees.

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Vedic Fundamentals
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A Video Message from Course Creator >> NOTE: The Course will begin on August 7, 2023. This is a com...
5 Lectures
Vedic Fundamentals
2 hours
This self-paced yet interactive and completely online course on Yoga Vasishta by U. Mahesh Prabhu will provide you with quintessential teachings of...
17 Lectures
2 hours


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In the realm of holistic well-being, Yoga and Ayurveda have long been revered for their profound healing...
Leveraging Kootaneeti: Unraveling the US Legacy in Iraq through Strategic Response to the Russian Invasion of Ukraine
In the intricate web of global politics, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has emerged as a pressing concern....
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The Fundamentals of Kootaneeti

WHITE PAPER: Assessing Overall Effectiveness of The Fundamentals of Kootaneeti Course for Individuals and Institutions by Maya Vanburg | VP Communications | Vedic Management Group LLC

  • Kootaneeti, a nearly lost Vedic Art & Science of Strategic Living, offers significant insights, knowledge and wisdom in handling crises – effectively. Originally devised by the Vedic sages as a tool for political and diplomatic purposes – its utility can be extended in handling personal and professional crises and adverse situations as well. What makes Kootaneeti effective is its in-depth knowledge and remarkable wisdom about the human mind. Since it is the human mind which makes and breaks everything we touch, feel and see, Kootaneeti can be used to address any challenges. In this course, U. Mahesh Prabhu explains how Kootaneeti can help you in handling your personal as well as professional challenges, including relationships, finances and career. What is more? You can now take a 2-hour long online zoom consultation to discuss the practical application of Kootaneeti to address your specific challenges – free of cost.

This completely online, self-paced, in-depth and affordable course created, conceptualised, and conducted by U. Mahesh Prabhu now offers a free 2-hour one-on-one online consultation.


About Kootaneeti: The Vedic Art & Science of Strategic Living


  • For thousands of years ancient Vedic seers and sages contemplated and meditated on ways for people to live a life filled with health, wealth, peace, and prosperity. For achieving this, they realized that it was important to have a holistic approach. An approach that starts with mind and body to provide healthy, competent, and wise individuals for ensuring universal welfare. Ayurveda, Yoga and Dhyana (Meditation) are only the fundamental aspects of the greater knowledge and traditions propounded by these sages called Rishis and Rishikas. What is not known is about their greater research and treatises on management, leadership, politics, and diplomacy – The Arthashastra.
  • This treatise – Arthashastra – was originally written over 5,000 years ago by a Rishi named Bharadwaja. This treatise was then compiled, edited, enlarged, and built upon by other Rishis over thousands of years. The Vedic Sanskrit word Artha essentially implies Wealth, whereas Shastra means Treatise. They chose to call it the “Treatise on Wealth” because the objective of leadership, management, politics, and wisdom is essential to sustain wealth and avert any chaos in the world while creating, sustaining and growing it.  Vedic civilizations that existed over thousands of years were ruled by countless kings and kingdoms following these timeless treatises. They went above and beyond all conventional comprehensions. The most crucial knowledge, which was almost lost to time was the art and science of Kootaneeti. It is a remarkable subject which has been used by a great many kings to overwhelm their enemies and force them into submission without any bloodshed or physical conflicts. This secretive knowledge of Kootaneeti has empowered great kings and every major Vedic text concerning life and living; including the Vyasa’s Mahabharata, Valmiki’s Ramayana, Simhasana Dwatrimshika, Vetala Panchavimshati, Bhartrihari’s Neeti Shatakam until Kautilya’s Arthashastra have at least some glimpse of Kootaneeti.
  • When a kingdom was in dire trouble and was forced to fight on multiple fronts; people, experts in this subject of Kootaneeti, known as Kootaneeti-jna, were sought after. According to legends: forth such Kootaneetijna no troubles could be overwhelming. Using their sage intellect, composed state of mind, colossal knowledge, and unassailable wisdom they would find a subtle solution to even the most complex problem. So much was their success rate that their very existence brought into question. With over 2 decades of his personal research and over a decade of practice as a media, management and political consultant, U Mahesh Prabhu in this ground-breaking course presents the lost and found art and science of Kootaneeti. Which, according to him, holds the key to solving some of the most subtle to complex challenges for us – personally as well as collectively as humanity.

About this Course:


  • Change is the only constant in life. While it is possible to resist certain changes, it is stupidity to even try to resist inevitable changes. Adapting is therefore crucial. But how do we adapt when the world around us is changing at an abnormal pace? How to protect our material interests without compromising on principles and values? How do we thwart threats without being overwhelmed by fear, stress and anxiety? How do we reduce/eliminate debts when our revenues are dropping faster than before? These are some of the many critical questions that must be baffling you now more than ever. The inability to answer them effectively often results in emotional turbulence. One that is hard to live with.Uncertainties are not unnatural. They have been and will continue to exist, for a long time. It is important to figure out a way and find strategies to handle these uncertainties effectively. Vedic Rishis (sages) had devised a knowledge system to help us find the most effective strategies to address such challenges with maximum intellect and minimal effort. It is called Kootaneeti.
  • Kootaneeti has no parallel in modern academia. It is also equally hard to define and describe this knowledge system in the conventional scheme of things. Yet to explain it in simple terms it is a Vedic art and science of Strategic Living. It is a certain approach to understanding our problems and resolving them by realising our own true selves and our mind, first and foremost.
  • No two challenges are the same. So there are clearly no quick copy-and-paste fixes to the challenges two individuals may face. Kootaneeti teaches us that there are only situations – problem or opportunity is a matter of perception of the mind. If a mind thinks it to be the self, then that mind often sees everything as a problem. As a result, such a mind is agitated, irritated, frustrated and unstable at all times. This is why the primary objective of Kootaneeti is to calm the mind to understand the situation and make it work in our favor.
  • But how do we calm the mind when the world around us seems to be chaotic? When we are in, or on the brink, of financial doldrums? Most modern mind experts would suggest brain relaxing/numbing drugs to this effect. But they do not understand that the mind and brain are not the same. The brain is tangible, the mind is not. You can fix the brain with medication and medical procedures but the mind is way beyond anything material tools or elements.
  • It is true that the mind stems from the brain and when the brain is dead – the mind dies with it. But the mind and brain are never the same. It is because modern academic or sciences do not get the fact that almost every modern educated individual is mired in uncertainties and are addicted to some or other forms of medicines or drugs to calm the mind.
  • The modern sciences also undermine the power of the mind to a great extent. Be that politics, economics, leadership, money markets or any other material things that have cyclic tendencies – they are all driven by the mind. And yet how many know anything impactful about containing or calming the minds?
  • True, you cannot think wishfully or daydream and expect your desires to be fulfilled. Actions are quintessential. But actions too are influenced by the mind – consciously and unconsciously. So unless you have overcome your mind and made it into a tool by calming it, no matter what you do, none of your problems will ever go away. And even if you try to fix your problem with an unstable mind with quick fixes it will only worsen it in the long run.
  • The Fundamentals of Kootaneeti course is a self-paced online course that helps you understand the fundamental and crucial concepts of Kootaneeti to resolve the challenges we all face in a day to day life. It gives you the ancient Vedic perspective on the mind and how the mind continues to rule the material realm despite many advances in technology and why it shall continue to reign supreme.
  • To add to the effectiveness of this course, which has been taken by over 5,000 people from 45 countries, the course also provides 2 hours of free interactive consulting sessions with the course creator – U Mahesh Prabhu.
  • Resolving Your Anxieties, Uncertainties and Financial Hardships through knowing, understanding and realising the Kootaneeti is the quintessential objective of this course.



Key Course Features:


      1. Completely Online Course: You can access it from anywhere with an internet-enabled computer, laptop or mobile devices.
      2. Self-pace yet interactive: Listen to video lectures with presentations and ask any relevant questions through an online forum within the system and have then answered within 24-48 hours
      3. Affordable $200 for lifetime access. Special discounts for students of American Institute of Vedic Studies.
      4. Signup anytime You can signup any time of your choice – day or night – from any internet-enabled laptop, desktop, tablet or mobiledevises.
      5. Free one-on-on-consultation with U. Mahesh Prabhu If you like to clarify your doubts, discuss a case study, debate on the topic, or even if you want to seek help implement Kootaneeti in a personal or professional setup – you have 2- hour free consultation with the course creator, personally. This is a one-on-one schedule which can be scheduled at a mutually convenient time.


About Course Creator & Conductor:


  • U. Mahesh Prabhu is an internationally published author, self-taught painter, and a seasoned investor as well as a globally recognised media, management and political consultant. He has over 25 years of experience under his belt and has dedicated his life to exploring and bringing back to life lost knowledge of the Vedic era to address modern-day challenges. He has worked with a great many political as well as corporate leaders from over 3 nations. He also serves as the Chairman Emeritus of US-based multi-million investment and holding company Vedic Management Group LLC and an international publishing and production company VIVASWAAN. He also has Bachelors and Masters in Business Administration specialising in Marketing.

Testimonials from students: 

  • “I was skeptical about taking the Kootaneeti course, but Mahesh Prabhu’s insightful and engaging approach won me over. Now, I can confidently say that the course has transformed my approach to problem-solving, conflict resolution, and personal development. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to upskill and remain relevant in the age of AI.” – Samantha R.
  • “Mahesh Prabhu is a master storyteller and strategist, and the Kootaneeti course is a testament to his skills. The course is a unique blend of ancient Indian wisdom and modern-day practicality, and it offers a refreshing perspective on how to navigate the challenges of the digital age. I’m grateful to have taken the course and would recommend it to anyone looking for an empowering and inspiring learning experience.” – John T.
  • “I’ve taken a lot of courses over the years, but none have been as transformative as Kootaneeti with Mahesh Prabhu. His teachings on detachment, integrity, and adaptability have helped me become a more confident and effective leader, both at work and in my personal life. I’ve also learned how to use the potential of AI to my advantage, without losing sight of my values and goals. This course is a game-changer, and I highly recommend it.” – Maria K.
  • “Kootaneeti with Mahesh Prabhu is an absolute must for anyone seeking to thrive in the age of AI. The course offers a rich blend of philosophy, psychology, and practical tools that can help you develop a strategic mindset, improve your communication skills, and create a harmonious world around you. Mahesh Prabhu is a masterful teacher who brings the ancient wisdom of Kootaneeti to life, and his insights are sure to stay with you long after the course is over.” – Adam G.
  • “I was initially skeptical about Kootaneeti, but Mahesh Prabhu’s passionate and engaging teaching style won me over. The course has taught me invaluable lessons on problem-solving, conflict resolution, and emotional intelligence, all of which have helped me become a more effective and fulfilled person. The course is also very relevant to the age of AI, and Mahesh Prabhu’s insights on adapting to change and using technology mindfully have been eye-opening. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to grow and succeed in today’s world.” – Sarah L.

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The Synergy of Wisdom: Why Yoga & Ayurveda Practitioners Must Embrace Kootaneeti
In the realm of holistic well-being, Yoga and Ayurveda have long been revered for their profound healing potential. However, there is a hidden gem that can exponentially enhance the impact of these ancient practices: Kootaneeti. By integrating the principles of strategic thinking and decision-making, Kootaneeti offers a transformative approach for Yoga and Ayurveda practitioners. In this article, we delve into the reasons why embracing Kootaneeti is vital for those immersed in these disciplines. From comprehensive health assessments to strategic adaptability and nurturing relationships, discover how Kootaneeti synergizes with Yoga and Ayurveda, elevating practitioners to new heights of effectiveness...
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Leveraging Kootaneeti: Unraveling the US Legacy in Iraq through Strategic Response to the Russian Invasion of Ukraine
In the intricate web of global politics, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has emerged as a pressing concern. Yet, beneath the surface lies an opportunity for the United States to reshape its image and address the lingering legacy of its intervention in Iraq. Enter Kootaneeti, the ancient Indian strategic philosophy, offering a framework for strategic response. This article delves into the intriguing realm of Kootaneeti and explores how the US can leverage the Ukrainian crisis to redefine its leadership, strengthen alliances, shift global focus, and employ soft power to gradually unravel the shadows cast by its involvement in Iraq.
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Kootaneeti in Action: Using Subtle Tactics To Yield Better Results
Discover the power of low-key tactics and the ancient Indian principle of Kootaneeti in achieving success. Learn how to accomplish more with less fanfare and build long-term relationships that sustain personal and professional growth. Check out the article now!
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How Kootaneeti Principles Resolved a Generational Conflict in Ancient India
The story of two warring factions in ancient India, resolved through the care and upbringing of their children, is a powerful example of how conflicts can be resolved through empathy and creative solutions. This article delves deep into the story, providing a detailed analysis of the principles of kootaneeti and how they can be applied to modern-day politics. By understanding the root cause of the conflict and using diplomacy and negotiation, Chanakya was able to bring about a long-lasting solution that had far-reaching consequences. This article provides a fascinating insight into the transformative power of relationships and the importance of adapting to changing circumstances. It is a must-read...
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Krishna: A Pioneer in Kootayuddha & Kootaneeti
According to Vyasa, in his Mahabharata, Krishna was a Yogeshwar – The grandmaster of Yoga. But Krishna’s Yoga wasn’t limited to physical and breathing exercises. He presented Yoga as a path of wisdom, a path where every journey was a joy. He even expanded the principles of Yoga to management, leadership, politics, and warfare. Two of his little know contributions are towards Kootayuddha (Covert Warfare) and Kootaneeti. This article explores the little-known contribution of Krishna Vasudeva while re-exploring his extraordinary legacy. Krishna Vasudeva, popularly known as Krishna, is an important personality in the Vyasa’s Mahabharata. Most people know him for his teachings in “Bhagavad...
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Measuring the Impact of Kootaneeti Fundamentals Course on Individuals and Institutions
White Paper  Assessing Overall Effectiveness of The Fundamentals of Kootaneeti Course for Individuals and Institutions  Maya Vanburg | Vice President – Communications | Vedic Management Centre | Introduction   Kootaneeti is a branch of the ancient Indian Vedic sciences, providing invaluable knowledge on the processes of governance, management and decision-making. It is an essential part of an effective and sustainable system of government and law, enabling individuals to participate in society’s collective decision-making process with direct responsibility and accountability. Although this expertise has been around for many centuries, its uses today remain largely...
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Greatness & Leadership from the perspective of Dharma
Irrespective of their ideologies, attitude and faith, every leader, ruler, or king strives to establish their greatness in one way or another. But when a leader’s pursuit of greatness results in suffering and destruction for their people, which is often the case, is it possible to justify it?   Many nations, extending to today, have been ruled by leaders who lead their people into war against powerful enemies to make a show of their bravery and prowess to the world, even if their nation must pay dearly for their aggression. How does Dharma view such acts of arrogance by these leaders?   Below is an engaging conversation from the Shanti Parva chapter of the Mahabharata between the Pandava king Yudhishthira and...
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Differences Between Kootaneeti, Ku-neeti, and Chanakya Neeti: Explained
Explore the relationship between Ku-Neeti, Kootaneeti, and Chanakya Neeti and discover their relevance in modern life. Learn the fundamentals of Kootaneeti and its correlation with Chanakya Neeti and Ku-Neeti.
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What is Kootaneeti? Why is it Important?
There are times to fight, there are also times for retreat. We need not win all the battles in life. Some battles make us strong some teach us valuable lessons. To try and win all battles is vain; but to try and win losing battles is stupidity. Long before we can win, we must gracefully learn from our defeats. To make it worse, we neither considers patience nor perseverance a virtue; most see them as “vice.” The modern definition of success, the ones that are propagated by our business schools, the media organizations, and societies is clearly flawed. Success is not when we receive some award or when some magazine puts us on its cover, or a filmmaker decides to make a biopic. The Vedic idea of...
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Kootaneeti: A Forgotten Vedic Art & Science
This is a special article by U. Mahesh Prabhu, author of the latest book Fundamentals of Kootaneeti: The Vedic Art of Strategic Living. The book is now available on Amazon INDIA,, Apple Books, Googleplay Books, Kindle, Scribd, Instamojo and other major international book sellers.    Shakti or Power, a term with several levels of application, is the essence of Rajyam or Leadership. There are those who consider themselves to be undeserving of power as they cannot comprehend the dynamics of attaining it. Yet those who may consider themselves to be “deserving” of power are often unable to handle it, as they do so from the standpoint of ego, not because they are truly deserving according...
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Class 2: Introduction to Arthashastra
2 hours
Class 3: Introduction to Dharma & Karma
2 hours
Class 4: Vedic Concept of Wealth
2 Hours
Class 5: Understanding Manipulation
2 hours
Class 6: Understanding Power
2 hours
Class 7: The Nine Founding Principles of Kootaneeti
2 hours
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The Fundamentals of Kootaneeti
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