The Fundamentals of Kootaneeti

For thousands of years ancient Vedic seers and sages contemplated and meditated on ways for people to live a life filled with health, wealth, peace, and prosperity. For achieving this, they realized that it was important to have a holistic approach. An approach that starts with mind and body to provide healthy, competent, and wise individuals for ensuring universal welfare. Ayurveda, Yoga and Dhyana (Meditation) are only the fundamental aspects of the greater knowledge and traditions propounded by these sages called Rishis and Rishikas. What is not known is about their greater research and treatises on management, leadership, politics, and diplomacy – The Arthashastra.

This treatise – Arthashastra – was originally written over 5,000 years ago by a Rishi named Bharadwaja. This treatise was then compiled, edited, enlarged, and built upon by other Rishis over thousands of years. Artha essentially implies Wealth, whereas Shastra means Treatise. They chose to call it “Treatise on Wealth” because the objective of leadership, management, politics, and wisdom is essential to sustain wealth and avert any chaos in the world.  Vedic civilizations that existed over thousands of years were ruled by countless kings and kingdoms following these timeless treatises. They went above and beyond all conventional comprehensions. The most crucial knowledge, which was almost lost to time was the art and science of Kootaneeti. It is a remarkable subject which has been used by a great many kings to overwhelm their enemies and force them into submission without any bloodshed or physical conflicts.This secretive knowledge of Kootaneeti has empowered great kings and every major Vedic text concerning life and living; including the Vyasa’s Mahabharata, Valmiki’s Ramayana, Simhasana Dwatrimshika, Vetala Panchavimshati, Bhartrihari’s Neeti Shatakam until Kautilya’s Arthashastra have at least some glimpse of Kootaneeti.

When a kingdom was in dire trouble and was forced to fight on multiple fronts; people, experts in this subject of Kootaneeti, known as Kootaneeti-jna, were sought after. According to legends: forth such Kootaneetijna no troubles could be overwhelming. Using their sage intellect, composed state of mind, colossal knowledge, and unassailable wisdom they would find a subtle solution to even the most complex problem. So much was their success rate that their very existence brought into question. With over 2 decades of his personal research and over a decade of practice as a media, management and political consultant, U Mahesh Prabhu in this ground-breaking course present the lost and found art and science of Kootaneeti. Which, according to him, holds the key to solving some of the most subtle to complex challenges for us – personally as well as collectively as humanity.

Class 1: Course Orientation
2 hours
Class 2: Understanding Artha & Arthashastra
2 hours
Class 3: Introduction to Dharma & Karma
2 hours
Class 4: Understanding Wealth & Money
2 hours
Class 5: Understanding Manipulation
2 hours
Class 6: Understanding Power
2 hours
Class 7: The Fundamentals of Kootaneeti
2 hours

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The Fundamentals of Kootaneeti
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