Ones that Continue to Haunt Us

Well over a decade back, in 2008, the world was struck by a severe financial crisis. A great many people suffered and the world is still recuperating from its chaos. Against the conventional belief, the situation is far from contained. To solve any problem and to ensure that the situation will never re-emerge, it is important we learn from such disasters. But have we learned from them? In this long but engaging essay, U. Mahesh Prabhu provides an in-depth insights with refreshing perspectives for anyone desiring to understand the 2008 Global Financial Crisis and realize why it is far from over. Even now China Virus (Covid19) has made some irreversible damages furthering the mess.


Kautilya’s approach to CONFLICT RESOLUTION

Since the war yields disastrous consequences, it was always the last resort in Vedic times. In the Arthashastra, Kautilya proposes three approaches before the war: साम: (Saam) implying patience to understand your adversary, दाम् (Daam) or persuasion through gifts or material wealth) and दण्ड: (Dand) i.e. imposing apt punishments. Only when these three fail, a ruler is advised to use भेद: (Bhed) or brute force to force the adversary into submission.

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Goa’s Looming Economic Crisis and its possible Solution

To say that Goa is seeing an unprecedented economic slowdown would be a clear understatement. Post Global Financial Crisis which commenced with the collapse of premier American banks like Bears & Sterns as well as Lehmann Brothers in 2008 lead to severe consequences to the world economy resulting in a decline in construction and real-estate

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Unlearned Lessons from 2008 Global Financial Crisis

Phil Angelides was appointed as the Chairman of Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (or FCIC) to investigate the 2008 financial meltdown in the United States. His report confirms that the meltdown had occurred primarily due to easy (or reckless?) lending of home loans to anyone including those without any viable repayment capacities – whatsoever. These loans

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Listen. Observe. Think. Act.

All living creatures are driven by desires. To attain their object of desire one often must work with other beings who, in turn, are driven by their own desires. And because desires are often complex objectives stemming from the minds that are often unsteady, disturbed, and, therefore, fearful – conflict of desires is most commonly

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Chaturanga: The Lost Wisdom from a Lasting Game of Chess

Chaturanga or Chaduranga is the predecessor of Chess. As played on an 8X8 unchecked board, Chaturanga was also called Ashtapada. It is, probably, the first strategy board game ever invented. Although we cannot be sure if the rules of the Chess and Chaturnaga are the same, what we can be sure, thanks to albeit limited

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Tantra, Mantra, Rajaneeti & Kootaneeti: The Unmistakable Connection

Mantra and Tantra were regarded by Kautilya as two crucial elements in the art and science of Vedic approach to politics – Rajaneeti. Without a plan and a strategy to execute it Shakti (read Power) is of no use. In Arthashastra, he declares “Power by itself is useless” and that “Person who seeks power without sound Mantra (objective) and Tantra (strategy) is verily consumed by it.”

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Vedic Knowledge & Artificial Intelligence

Vedic Knowledge & Artificial Intelligence

For many people reading this article, the very title would appear to be either “confusing” or simply a matter of “travesty.” After all, “What age old Vedic knowledge has to offer in this digital and planetary age?” However, if you are willing to hear me out, without being outright judgmental, you may find a great

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Are Vata, Pitta & Kapha Ayurvedic Concepts?

The Vedic Sanskrit word Ayurveda is made of two words, namely Ayu implying Longevity and Veda meaning Wisdom. Since Longevity is meaningless without healthy living, Ayurveda can also be understood as Wisdom on Healthy Living. Ayurveda is principally about understanding the self, mind and body and living a healthy lifestyle and not just a medical

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