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That Mortal Enemy We mistake for a Dear Friend

Be that in politics or life - at large - neither enemies nor friends are forever. No matter how strong or powerful an enemy, Rajaneeti & Kootaneeti provides us with knowledge to handle/neutralize them. But when a friend becomes our enemy even while continuing to pretend as a friend - (s)he becomes a HITASHASTRU - a potent threat. Understanding this fundamental concept of HITASHASTRU is the key to holding, retaining or losing the position of power.

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Gandhara to Kandahar

Importance of Vedic history of Afghanistan

In this important article Vedic Management teacher U. Mahesh Prabhu along with renowned Vedic scholar Dr David Frawley and explain as to why is Vedic history of Afghanistan crucial to understanding & resolving its current crisis.

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Importance of Neeti, Rajaneeti and Kootaneeti

The word Kootaneeti is of two Vedic Sanskrit words, namely: "Koota" or "Discreet" & "Neeti" i.e. "Approach based on Dharma." Kootaneeti is also Covert Tactics. Kootaneeti is principally about manipulating people in power without getting into any position of power.


10 Sure-Signs of Startups that are Bad Investment

Knowing in which startup to invest is the key in venture capital investing. But how is one to know where or in whom to invest? This obvious-looking question rarely has any obvious answer. In the following ten points, U. Mahesh Prabhu presents clear and definitive pointers to identify startups that are bad investments:


10 Wisdom on Investing & Wealth Creation

The objective of investing is to identify, create, nurture, and sustain wealth as well as those who assist in wealth creation. If we are not creating wealth, then we are only spending, and thereby depleting, it. When spending exceeds our earning, debt rises, and we inadvertently suffer due to our fiscal irresponsibility stemming from fiscal ignorance. No matter how much wealth we may have earned, it is bound to exhaust once we stop earning it. Therefore, we have but no option but to keep earning wealth – sustainably – throughout our life not only for the sake of prosperity but also personal independence. In this article, U. Mahesh Prabhu enumerates ten of the finest but little-known wisdom on investing & wealth creation.


Unlearned Lessons from 2008 Global Financial Crisis

Ones that Continue to Haunt Us

Well over a decade back, in 2008, the world was struck by a severe financial crisis. A great many people suffered and the world is still recuperating from its chaos. Against the conventional belief, the situation is far from contained. To solve any problem and to ensure that the situation will never re-emerge, it is important we learn from such disasters. But have we learned from them? In this long but engaging essay, U. Mahesh Prabhu provides an in-depth insights with refreshing perspectives for anyone desiring to understand the 2008 Global Financial Crisis and realize why it is far from over. Even now China Virus (Covid19) has made some irreversible damages furthering the mess.

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Listen. Observe. Think. Act.

All living creatures are driven by desires. To attain their object of desire one often must work with other beings who, in turn, are driven by their own desires. And because desires are often complex objectives stemming from the minds that are often unsteady, disturbed, and, therefore, fearful – conflict of desires is most commonly

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Chaturanga: The Lost Wisdom from a Lasting Game of Chess

Chaturanga or Chaduranga is the predecessor of Chess. As played on an 8X8 unchecked board, Chaturanga was also called Ashtapada. It is, probably, the first strategy board game ever invented. Although we cannot be sure if the rules of the Chess and Chaturnaga are the same, what we can be sure, thanks to albeit limited

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Tantra, Mantra, Rajaneeti & Kootaneeti: Unmistakable Connection

Mantra and Tantra were regarded by Kautilya as two crucial elements in the art and science of Vedic approach to politics – Rajaneeti. Without a plan and a strategy to execute it Shakti (read Power) is of no use. In Arthashastra, he declares “Power by itself is useless” and that “Person who seeks power without sound Mantra (objective) and Tantra (strategy) is verily consumed by it.”

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Vedic Knowledge & Artificial Intelligence

Vedic Knowledge & Artificial Intelligence

For many people reading this article, the very title would appear to be either “confusing” or simply a matter of “travesty.” After all, “What age old Vedic knowledge has to offer in this digital and planetary age?” However, if you are willing to hear me out, without being outright judgmental, you may find a great

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Are Vata, Pitta & Kapha Ayurvedic Concepts?

The Vedic Sanskrit word Ayurveda is made of two words, namely Ayu implying Longevity and Veda meaning Wisdom. Since Longevity is meaningless without healthy living, Ayurveda can also be understood as Wisdom on Healthy Living. Ayurveda is principally about understanding the self, mind and body and living a healthy lifestyle and not just a medical

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Without the Faith Within

The following story is from Rishi Tales 2: 21 Ancient Vedic Sanskrit Tales Translated & Retold by U. Mahesh Prabhu Author of Sushruta-Samhita – Rishi Sushruta – is regarded as the father of Surgery. He was also a great physician of his times. Whatever be the sickness, Sushruta could cure it with his magic touch.

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Sannyasa: The True Meaning

Vedic Sanskrit word सन्यासं (Sanyasa) is made of two words, namely: सत् or Truth and न्यास् or Living. Sanyasi, “a person living in Truth,” is one who is full of unconditional LOVE & without a shred of HATE. A true Sanyasi never disown anyone; on the contrary accepts everyone as one’s own – without any EXPECTATIONS. Realizing that ATTACHMENT is the reason for pain; they live in BLISS at all time; be they alone or in company of people.

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The 17 Principles of Vedic Self-Counseling

When Vedic kings faced an emotional dilemma or a moral crisis, they sought the wise counsel of Vedic sages called as Rishis. These Rishis, also called as Rajagurus or Royal Mentors, had a unique approach to counseling, which often empowered these kings to resolve their adverse situations simply by decluttering and calming their minds. Rishis

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A Giant’s Dilemma

A long time ago, in the dense forest of Vindhyas, there lived giant who was gifted with a special power to assume any form at his will. As fancy as it may sound, the giant was apparently disgusted with his life. He desired to put an end to it. However, there was a problem.

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