Wisdom + Strategy = Sustainability. Solutions.

In a world replete with complex problems, there is no dearth of people/consultants/advisors who can analyze and brood over the problems for you. Yet, finding people with the knowledge, wisdom, and strategic prowess to craft effective solutions is a rarity. With KOOTANEETI CONSULTING we harness the nearly lost ancient knowledge of Strategic Wisdom to help you tackle challenges in leadership, management, business, economy, politics, and diplomacy.

What is Kootaneeti Consulting?

At the helm of KOOTANEETI CONSULTING stands U. Mahesh Prabhu, a pioneering figure in Vedic knowledge systems. With an illustrious career spanning over two and a half decades, Prabhu has carved a niche for himself as a respected media, management, and political consultant. His pioneering work in Yogic Counseling and Kootaneeti made him a visionary leader in applying ancient wisdom to modern contexts.

Wisdom & Sustainability in Every Solution

What sets KOOTANEETI CONSULTING apart is its commitment to strategy & wisdom. While many may offer conventional solutions, we delve deep into the reservoirs of ancient knowledge to provide innovative, sustainable, and holistic solutions to crises and challenges. Our solutions are not just out-of-the-box; they are meticulously crafted to align with the principles of wisdom and sustainability.

Chess Moves

We believe in viewing challenges through the lens of a chessboard, originally called Chaturanga in Vedic Sanskrit, where every move has consequences, and strategic planning is paramount. Chess, a game deeply rooted in strategy and foresight, serves as a metaphor for our approach. Like skilled chess players, we analyze each situation, anticipate outcomes, and make strategic moves to achieve success for our clients.

Our Knowledge Repository

With a portfolio that boasts over seven published books and more than 500 articles, Mahesh Prabhu is not just a consultant but a thought leader. His work reflects a blend of profound insights from Vedic wisdom, contemporary management practices, the strategic thinking of chess, and a keen understanding of the evolving global landscape. KOOTANEETI CONSULTING draws from this rich knowledge repository to offer clients a unique and effective perspective.

Scope of Expertise

KOOTANEETI CONSULTING addresses a wide spectrum of challenges:

  1. Leadership: Guiding individuals and organizations in developing wise and visionary leadership.
  2. Management: Providing strategic management solutions for increased efficiency and effectiveness.
  3. Business: Enhancing business strategies for growth, sustainability, and innovation.
  4. Economy: Advising on economic policies and practices that promote long-term stability.
  5. Politics: Offering insights and strategies for effective political leadership and governance.
  6. Diplomacy: Facilitating diplomatic efforts through a balanced and wisdom-driven approach.

Our USPs

  • Ancient Wisdom, Modern Relevance: Our solutions are rooted in ancient wisdom, blended with the strategic acumen of chess, and tailored to address contemporary challenges.
  • Sustainability Focus: We prioritize long-term sustainability in all our recommendations and strategies.
  • Out-of-the-Box Thinking: Expect innovative solutions that go beyond conventional approaches.
  • Vast Experience: U. Mahesh Prabhu’s extensive experience in multiple domains ensures well-rounded and holistic consulting.
  • Proven Track Record: Numerous clients have benefited from our wisdom-driven strategies.

We Work as Partners not Service Providers

KOOTANEETI CONSULTING is more than a consultancy; it’s a bridge between the timeless wisdom of the past, the strategic brilliance of chess, and the pressing issues of modernity. If you’re facing an impending crisis or seeking sustainable solutions to complex challenges, make time to connect with us. Let’s navigate the turbulent waters of the modern world with the wisdom of the ancients and the strategic insight of chess masters. KOOTANEETI CONSULTING – Where Wisdom Meets Strategy.

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