Mind Over Matter, But Consciousness Above All

In today's rapid-paced world, as problems surround us, there seems to be a frenetic scramble for quick fixes. For many, the temptation of religion, drugs, or intoxication becomes too strong to resist. The underlining thought is simple: "If you cannot solve the problem, then forget the problem." As cryptic as it might sound, the principle many fall for is, "If you cannot convince them, confuse them." Instead of addressing issues head-on, people veer towards quick fixes that blur their problems or craft new ones. But is there a wiser, more centred approach?

Enter Yogic Counseling, a concept rooted deep in the ancient wisdom of Vedas and Yogis.

The Essence of Yogic Counseling

At its core, Yogic Counseling believes that the challenges we face today stem from our past actions. If our past decisions have led to present predicaments, it stands to reason that corrective measures today can ensure a brighter tomorrow. Our mind is the powerful engine that drives these actions, and if left unchecked, it can spiral into endless brooding or anxiety.

Yogic Counseling‘s objective is not just about identifying what went wrong, but understanding why we made those choices to begin with. It aids in delving deep, to understand the undercurrents of our mind that often lead to these actions.

The Simple Beauty of Consciousness

Contrary to popular belief, achieving consciousness isn’t a complex task reserved for the spiritual elite. In fact, we’ve all touched upon it during moments of sleep. Have you ever wondered why deep sleep feels so rejuvenating? It’s a phase where our mind is quiet, and yet, it’s when we feel most content. According to Vedic wisdom, this is because, in that state, we’re in complete alignment with our consciousness. What many modern teachings label as an ‘unconscious state’, the Vedas recognize as a moment of pure, blissful consciousness.

This is our true state: Sat-Chit-Ananda – True, Consciousness, Bliss. Recognizing this state helps us understand that much of our distress, fear, anxiety, and stress are mere machinations of the mind. And here’s the epiphany – if we can exist blissfully without the mind during deep sleep, then we aren’t defined by it. The mind is just a tool, an instrument of consciousness. Understanding this demarcates the problems of the mind from our true selves.

Mind Over Matter, But Consciousness Above All

Yogic Counseling pivots on this profound understanding that the mind is distinct from the brain. It emphasizes that to solve life’s problems, one doesn’t need to dive into a sea of distractions or fall for fleeting solutions. Instead, by focusing on understanding and harnessing our consciousness, we can navigate challenges with grace, wisdom, and serenity.

In conclusion, the next time you’re faced with a hurdle, remember the Yogic way. Dive deep into your consciousness, separate your true self from the troubles of the mind, and witness how solutions emerge from the calm clarity within.

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