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  • The Strategic Wisdom of Kootaneeti

    “The Strategic Wisdom of Kootaneeti” by U Mahesh Prabhu delves into the profound realm of power, strategy, and wisdom in the context of politics, leadership, and problem-solving. Unlike conventional approaches that often focus on perception and position, this book unveils the ancient art of Kootaneeti, where power is not just about material practices, but also rooted in consciousness and mind. Prabhu’s work transcends the common understanding of spirituality and demonstrates how Kootaneeti employs advanced strategies to address personal, professional, societal, national, and international challenges with sustainable solutions. Through subtle and complex applications of wisdom, readers are enlightened with valuable insights that go beyond mere education, entertaining them while empowering them for a journey towards sustainable leadership. Embrace this enlightening read to navigate the intricacies of power and gain timeless wisdom for transformative problem-solving.”

  • Understanding & Unleashing the Potential of 
Your Mind

    Within the vast realm of human potential lies an enigmatic force eagerly awaiting understanding and harnessing—the human mind. Journey through the timeless wisdom of the Vedic texts and explore the profound concept of “Mana,” transcending conventional science. In “Understanding and Unleashing the Potential of Your Mind,” discover practical tools and profound insights to navigate the chaos of modern life, cultivating a calm mind that unlocks your true potential. Embark on this transformative journey of self-discovery, guided by illuminating Vedic principles, and awaken the dormant power within you with this book by U. Mahesh Prabhu.


  • Yogic Parenting VOLUME I

    In an ever-changing world fraught with complexities and challenges, “Yogic Parenting Volume I” by Jennifer Taylor and Sophia Malahieude emerges as a guiding light for parents and children navigating modern life. Rooted in Vedic sciences, this book rekindles the art of balanced nurturing, drawing from ancient wisdom. It emphasizes providing the right knowledge, nourishment, thoughts, and ideals through life stages. This work transcends creating responsible citizens, aiming to nurture enlightened beings in tune with the universe. In our times, balanced nurturing has become mere ritual; this book revives the wisdom of sages. Join us on a journey to rediscover and harness this ancient wisdom for a harmonious existence.

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