The Kautilya Project

A unique Vedic Management Centre Initiative specially devised to rekindle the lost art and science of Vedic leadership for management, politics, and diplomacy

About The Kautilya Project

We live in a new era driven by fear at a global level and its resulting insecurity. Out of this emotional sense insecurity, we do many things – consciously and unconsciously – that can be detrimental not just for ourselves but for our society, nation and world at large. Humanity faces many challenges today, political, social, economic and ecological. Such entrenched and extensive problems are solvable only through persistence and resilience according to insightful leadership. Yet, it appears that we possess neither the interest nor the willingness to do this. We lack the scope of vision to understand these vast and complicated problems and deal with them in an integral and comprehensive manner. We search for short term fixes rather than long term solutions.

Some two thousand years ago there was a dynamic individual of great influence and motivation who provided the type of leadership that we need today. Not much is known about his personal life, but there are many extraordinary legends about him. He was neither a warrior nor a ruler, nor a priest. He was an aware individual who formulated the main ancient Vedic treatise on politics and diplomacy – Artha Shastra. This profound treatise contains many significant principles of management, governance and polity that can be used with great efficacy to the present day. It is an inspirational work that we at the Vedic Management Center believe provides keys to solving the many individual and institutional problems threatening our new high-tech world order.

Although there are several translations of the Artha Shastra, most of its deep knowledge and wisdom is neither properly understood nor utilized. This is because those who could read Sanskrit didn’t understand the meaning. As a result, much of its secrets remain hidden. Decoding and propagating this rucial knowledge, awakening the world to its extraordinary insight is the prime objective of The Kautilyan Project.

Kautilya a.k.a. Chanakya a.k.a. Vishnugupta is a legend on many levels. He didn’t care for his own personal recognition but left a legacy that was unparalleled. His compilation of the Artha Shastra provides an indisputable record of his unique genius. It can without doubt inspire a new generation into building their charcaters and their societies for lasting world peace and prosperity.

As a part of The Kautilyan Project we will be presenting a series of quotes, articles, commentaries, translations, lectures and courses to will help you realize Kautilya’s keys to economic as well as spiritual prosperity in a sustainable manner for everyone.

We hold that the teachings of Kautilya, like all prime Vedic texts, are a world legacy. Artha Shastra is not the possession of a special few, it is extremely relevant for every sincere individual who wishes to build a better life for himself and his society. Therefore, we will endeavour to connect with aspirant leaders, innovators and eductators from across the entire planet, dialoguing with them as well as sharing our Vedic perspective.

We request your ongoing support and participation in this unique endeavour to spread the Vedic knowledge and wisdom of Kautilya and the Artha Shastra to bring about real change and transformation into our uncertain global situation today.

Contact Us

For any queries, comments or message please use the form below. We generally respond in 24-48 hours time. Alternatively, you are also welcome to contact U. Mahesh Prabhu, Founder & Director, Vedic Management at contact number +1 917 387 2735.


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