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The Mind, The Gitas & The Yogic Counseling

Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery: Understanding the Power of the Mind in Today's World. In a society fixated on social media metrics, popularity reigns supreme, overshadowing the subtle nuances of existence. Yet, beyond the facade lies the enigmatic realm of the mind, often misunderstood and underestimated. Delve into the profound insights of Yogic Counseling, unraveling the intricate relationship between perception, consciousness, and well-being. Discover how ancient wisdom can navigate the complexities of modern life, offering clarity and resilience in the face of adversity. Embrace the transformative potential of understanding the mind, and unlock a path to inner harmony and fulfillment.

Just because you don’t hear, see, or feel it – that does not mean it doesn’t exist. Existence is surreal and subtle – today’s world is built on the mirage that something must exist on social media to be considered real. That without online popularity, there is no offline existence. That popularity is the basis of power. That taking photos with the mighty and powerful is the only way to project success in life.

Everyone in life yearns for something, even if perceived as successful by the majority. The greatest limitations exist with the people of power and influence because both are matters of perception. This is why Sun Tzu suggested, “When weak, appear strong; when strong, appear weak.” If we look at social media platforms like Instagram, it seems as if the whole world is hunky-dory, but on X, formerly known as Twitter, the world seems more divided than ever. Each social media platform is driven by the perceptions of the people on them. This perception is created by the mind. And the mind, against all common misnomers, is never the brain.

The mind, which runs the world, is hardly understood. If you think psychiatry, neuroscience, and psychology teach us about the mind, then ask them to differentiate between the brain and the mind to see for yourself the limitations they have.

If you think that understanding the mind is not significantly important, then think again. Your love and hate for people and things come from the mind. If someone loves you or hates you, that has many repercussions in your life. If you know why someone actually loves or hates you, you can sustain or better the relationship.

Most lifestyle diseases like diabetes and hypertension stem from stress, which comes not only from the brain but also from the mind. If we liken the brain to the mobile phone hardware and the mind to the software, you can understand how software can overload a phone’s hardware and even drain its battery. Software has the capacity to overheat a phone and even destroy it.

What we call a “Virus” in a mobile phone is nothing but a perception in the mind. When we have a flawed perception in the mind, it can put the brain in overdrive and cause serious damage. If we take sedatives and sleeping pills, we can find only temporary respite, but to resolve the solution, we need to undo that “mind virus,” and that can only be done through counseling where the power of conversation embedded with perceptive ideas and stories can help change the mind completely.

In the 7 Gitas that Pioneered Counseling, all the sages mentioned say unilaterally that even if the world around us looks hopelessly failing, it can be fixed by the mind. A sage mind can fix a non-sage mind. And that is better done through conversations of wisdom. And this sage conversation is also a part of the original Yoga that was taught in Vedic Yogic texts called the Gitas. And this is what is most important for people today, although it is unknown to most.

Certified Yogic Counseling (Foundation Course) helps you not only understand the mind and consciousness but also harness the power of knowledge and wisdom by differentiating them from data and information. Since it encompasses only the mind, it is beyond the realm of medical systems today, and since it doesn’t offer any medications, there are no legal restrictions written into any law anywhere in the world. Yogic Counseling is useful not just for existing counselors but for anyone who struggles with relationships, workplace politics, and even stress-related issues on a regular basis.

Based on The 7 Gitas That Pioneered Counseling, this Yogic Counseling methodology is important also for “Vedic Counselors” because even “Vedic Counseling” barely understands the distinction between the Brain & the Mind and has several limitations.

We all have heard “if you want to be happy, then be,” but that happiness being effortless is not known or agreed upon by others. Yogic Counseling teaches that effortlessly. All the causes of pain and pleasure in life are in the mind. If you think that pain and pleasure are of the body, then you may want to think about why a dead body, which has a body and brain, doesn’t feel anything. Yogic Counseling can help in several ways that you can imagine, and if you’d like to explore more, do consider reading U. Mahesh Prabhu’s latest book THE SEVEN GITAS THAT PIONEERED COUNSELING and consider signing up for a completely online self-paced and extremely affordable CERTIFIED YOGIC COUNSELOR (FOUNDATION COURSE).

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