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WEBINAR: Being Calm amid the Storm

An interactive webinar by U. Mahesh Prabhu presenting the forgotten but practical teachings of the Vedic Rishis and Rishikas like Aditi, Gautami, Yami, Anamika, Avadhoota Dattatreya, Ashtavakra, Bhartrihari, Bharadwaja, and Parashara to understand the dynamics of mind and resulting stress, anxiety, panic, and depression. It will also present practical Yogic methods to avert and handle painful emotional issues including heartbreaks, betrayals, and sleeplessness by utilizing Vedic Self-Counseling techniques for identifying the causes, realigning our thoughts and decisions to make positive course correction.


Vedic Counseling, Emotions, Stress, Debts, Panic, Heartbreaks, Betrayals, Double Standards, Sleeplessness, Depression


“We live in unusual times” would be an understatement for many people who are struggling because of an ongoing economic chaos, political standoffs, and social upheavals. A lot of people, even millionaires and billionaires, are having trouble paying off their debts. This, along with emotional stress, failing relationships that end in heartbreaks, and not knowing what will happen next, pushes people into or close to depression. Given these unpleasant and uncertain facts, we need to know something that will help us keep our cool and look at things objectively. This will help us find long-term solutions to our problems instead of making them worse or just giving us new ones.

In Yoga Vashistha, Vashistha tells Rama, who was then the Prince of Ayodhya, “You are right if you think the world is full of pain. You’re right if you think the world is full of happiness. For a foot in a shoe, it’s like the whole world is made of carpet. In the same way, a mind that is full of chaos sees the whole world as chaos, while a mind that is calm and steady sees the world as full of potential and opportunities. Start with your mind, O Rama, if you want to make the world a better place.” Many of these talks between a Guru and his Shishya are written down in dozens of Vedic texts and can help anyone make sense of a lot of things that don’t make sense. And in this Vedic Webinar, U. Mahesh Prabhu will try to explain these timeless teachings in a way that is both subtle and clear.

KEEPING CALM IN THE STORM is an recorded webinar that talks about the timeless and time-tested teachings of forgotten Vedic Rishis and Rishikas like Aditi, Gautami, Anamika, Avadhoota Dattatreya, Ashtavakra, Bhartrihari, Bharadwaja, and Parashara to help people understand how the mind, actions, and reactions work. The webinar shows how an organised mind can help us build assets and how an unbalanced mind can lead to debts. It shows the clear link between how the mind feels and how the economy works. How simple changes in the way we think can help us change our mood, the way our lives go, and the lives of many people who are closely connected to us.

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