WEBINAR RECORDING: How Relevant is The Vedic Approach to Management for Sustainable Leadership?

Mahesh Prabhu

Mahesh Prabhu

Udupi Mahesh Prabhu is a seasoned media, management & political consultant. He is a Founder and Chairman of Vedic Management Center and Vivaswaan. A fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain & Ireland, London (UK) and member of the International Federation of Journalists(USA), he also holds a Masters in Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing. For more info visit www.indiamahesh.com

The pandemic is far from over. Great many uncertainties continue to loom large while causing severe economic down impacting profits and incurring job losses. Organizations, be they big, medium, or small, continue to struggle. This is making a great many people to wonder if Capitalism is even the right model. We are also seeing a steep rise in socialistic tendencies in masses when they question “capitalist policies.” Is capitalism really bad? Is socialism any good? How can we put our nations back on track? Where did we go wrong? Why did we go wrong? What economic course correction should we undertake – individually as well as collectively – to weather the storm?  How do we quell rising and mindless hate? How do we establish harmony within and without? Questions such as these have been baffling a great many intelligent  minds without any credible answers.

What most people do not seem to understand is the fact that: Management is crucial – not just for individuals in positions of leadership, but for anyone with responsibilities. Managing is about utilizing limited available resources to create value, generate wealth and achieve viable prosperity. While there is no shortage of appealing and entertaining definitions on the subject matter; the knowledge and approach to achieve these objectives are limited.

The oldest works on management and leadership – Arthashastra and Artha Sutras – were written by the Vedic Rishis (sages) over thousands of years. These Rishis even offered Pro Bono services to the Kings; as their Rajaguru (Royal Mentors.) Some of these Rajaguru even helped to build some of the most powerful and prosperous empires of their times. Their teachings on management, leadership, and wealth creation are not driven ephemeral processes; but by helping individuals to achieve and retain a clam mind to identify challenges, create credible strategies to achieve daunting objectives.

In this upcoming special webinar U. Mahesh Prabhu, a seasoned international media, management, and political consultant, as well as the author of recently released book The VEDIC approach to MANAGEMENT for sustainable LEADERSHIP, presents how by knowing, understanding, and realizing, these timeless yet time-tested Vedic teachings modern individuals and leaders can achieve greater clarity, create fine opportunities, even amid great uncertainties, and attain sustainable prosperity, against any existing odds.

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