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RECORDED WEBINAR: The Mind & The Mantra | Vedic Webinar | Episode 6 | U. Mahesh Prabhu

Mantra is a Vedic Sanskrit word that is made of two, namely: Mana (Mind) and Traya (Protection). Mantra is anything which PROTECTS THE MIND. And not just hymns and songs found in the Vedic texts like Vedas, Upanishads, Aranyakas and Shastras. In the times we live in where a great many uncertainties loom large; we need to protect our minds more than ever. Even though the MIND stems from BRAIN and dies with it; MIND IS NOT BRAIN. While BRAIN can be contained and treated with MEDICATIONS; MIND is above and beyond the reach of medications. Insecurities, fear, sufferings and chaos are of the MIND. When these negative qualities INFEST the mind; the MIND can cause great harm to your BRAIN and BODY. It cripples your ability to CONNECT with PEOPLE; it creates great many HURDLES in your PATH. So how are we to put our MIND AT PEACE, to NOT suffer when it SUFFERS, to not give in to our MIND and, also, to TRANSCEND it and live in BLISS? This is the topic of this upcoming VEDIC WEBINAR – MANA & MANTRA.

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