Vedic Management Center, Switzerland's values are based on timeless wisdom of the Vedic seers and sages enumerated in the following six ideals explained below:



Accepting the whole world as one’s family

Now, more than ever, no one is averse to events happening in the world, be it climate change or economic collapse. With this view, we uphold the principle that similar to one’s own family, the welfare of the entire world affects each and everyone.


Samarpan Bhaav 

Absolute dedication to our work

It is only through absolute dedication towards work can success be realised. Dedication is then not an act of duty or for monetary gains but as a means of self –realization and legacy building.



Welfare of all beings by all possible way

Success for any organization is only possible by the success of its stakeholders, bet it employees, clients or the society at large. At VMC, we espouse the principle of welfare for all as a means of gauging our own success.


Shubh Laabh

Ethical Profits

Profits earned to principled actions also indicate Corporate responsibility and our for us the best form of public appreciation and in line with our core values and vision.


Nishkaama Karma 

Deeds without greed

Contrary to popular opinion, we believe that generosity and benevolence with the aim of social welfare is the only true means of success and long term sustainability.


Ati Hyaastha Varjayet

Shunning all extremes

At VMC, we support the development of balanced thinking, with the objective of taking the right action as per the situation. We shun extremes of any form and support precise, conclusive and clear thinking when addressing any issue.