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Vedic Management Center (VMC) was founded in 2016 by U. Mahesh Prabhu and David Frawley. The organization offers practical and balanced solutions for complex situations in the areas of Leadership, Management, Politics, Finance, Investing, Economics, and Diplomacy. VMC is a self-funded, non-religious, non-partisan organization that aims to bring ethical, innovative, profitable, and sustainable practices to its clients, students, and mentees.

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Vedic Fundamentals
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This self-paced yet interactive and completely online course on Yoga Vasishta by U. Mahesh Prabhu will provide you with quintessential teachings of...
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Vedic Management Center offers Vedic Leadership Counseling™, a pioneering counselling approach that leverages the timeless wisdom of Vedic knowledge. This service is designed to help people achieve emotional balance and resilience, even in high-stress environments. Vedic Leadership Counseling™ aims to attain and retain a mind, enhance emotional strength, and eliminate all weaknesses related to the mind. It helps identify challenges that ail the mind and maintain positive influences while discarding negative ones.

Why Vedic Leadership Counseling?

Leadership can be a demanding and stressful profession, particularly in today’s ultra-competitive world. Physical stress can be managed through various quick fixes, but emotional and mental stress can be more challenging to address. There are a variety of reasons for a leader’s emotional distress, both personal and professional. However, personal issues can be sensitive and leaders may be hesitant to discuss them with those they do not trust. In an age of intense ambition and greed, it can be difficult for leaders to find individuals they can trust in a lasting manner, further exacerbating their psychological distress.


Vedic Leadership Counseling was developed by U. Mahesh Prabhu as a solution to this problem. It is a transformative counselling model that is based on time-tested knowledge and wisdom. The goal of Vedic Leadership Counseling is to help leaders achieve a balanced state of mind, even under significant stress. It accomplishes this by purifying the mind, increasing its power and strength of the mind, and eliminating any weaknesses. Additionally, Vedic Leadership Counseling helps to cure any ailments of the mind and distance the leader from the enemy of the mind, while identifying and retaining the friends of the mind.


Vedic Leadership Counseling is designed to not only heal emotional distress but also prevent it from resurfacing in the future. By utilizing this counselling model, leaders can gain a deeper understanding of their personal and professional issues, and work towards resolving them in a safe and supportive environment. Through this process, leaders can improve their overall well-being and perform at their highest level, both personally and professionally.


Vedic Leadership Counseling provides a unique and effective solution to the emotional and mental stress experienced by leaders in today’s world. By utilizing the time-tested knowledge and wisdom of Vedic Rishis, leaders can achieve a balanced state of mind, heal their emotional distress, and perform at their highest level.

The Origins

In ancient India, leaders of various powerful empires utilized a unique system to select and advance deserving individuals into influential roles. When facing personal challenges, they were reluctant to reveal their struggles to those around them, as this could be perceived as a sign of weakness. As a result, they sought guidance from the enlightened sages, known as Rishis, who lived in seclusion in nature and maintained a state of mental balance and tranquillity.


These Rishis, free from personal desires and ambitions, were revered for their impartiality and unaffected nature in the face of external circumstances. They did not seek recognition or material gain, and their wisdom was sought after by all, regardless of their status or position. Kings, nobles, soldiers, and even commoners would turn to them for guidance and find solace in their counsel.


Sadly, finding such sage figures is increasingly difficult in the modern world. However, the principles and teachings of the Rishis continue to hold value and serve as a source of inspiration for those seeking to achieve a balanced state of mind and overcome challenges.

The Model

In the post-industrial revolution era, the western world has been searching for ways to improve the performance of its leaders. With the increasing complexity and demands of the business world, it has become more important than ever for leaders to be able to handle stress and maintain their composure in challenging situations. However, despite the numerous consultants, advisors, counsellors, and coaches available to help leaders, there is still a lack of proven and practical solutions to the problems that leaders face.


The approach of most leadership development programs is often based on trial and error, with limited success in isolated areas. This is why the search for an effective way to help leaders manage stress and perform at their best under difficult circumstances has yet to be resolved. At the Vedic Management Centre, we have taken a different approach to this challenge.


Through extensive research into ancient Vedic texts on leadership, including the Mahabharata, Pancha Tantra, Artha Shastra, Neeti Shastra, Artha Sutra, and Neeti Sutras, we have been able to identify a highly efficient method to help leaders improve their performance. We have combined the insights from these ancient texts with modern management case studies and theories to create a unique and effective approach to leadership development.


Our Vedic Leadership Counselling™ services are designed to address the specific needs of each leader, based on their individual strengths and weaknesses. Our approach is highly personalized and tailored to the unique circumstances and challenges that each leader faces. Our focus is on helping leaders to develop the skills and abilities they need to perform at their best, even in the most difficult of situations.


One of the key strengths of our Vedic Leadership Counselling™ services is the focus on both personal and professional development. We understand that to be an effective leader, one must be able to balance their personal and professional life in a healthy and sustainable manner. By providing a comprehensive approach to leadership development, we help leaders to develop a strong foundation for success, both in their personal and professional lives.


In conclusion, the Vedic Management Centre has developed a unique and highly effective approach to leadership development. Our Vedic Leadership Counselling™ services provide leaders with the tools and skills they need to manage stress and perform at their best in even the most challenging situations. By combining ancient Vedic wisdom with modern management theories, we have created a program that is tailored to the needs of each individual leader, providing them with a personalized and comprehensive approach to leadership development.

The Process

Vedic Leadership Counselling™ is a comprehensive four-step process that aims to provide guidance and support to individuals seeking to improve their leadership skills. This process is highly effective, yet it requires a great deal of effort and dedication to achieve the desired results. The four steps of Vedic Leadership Counselling™ are Sampark, Samarpan, Samadhaan, and Sambandh.


The first step of the process, Sampark, is arguably the most critical and requires the most amount of time and effort. This step is all about establishing a connection and earning the trust of the individual seeking guidance. It is a systematic approach that involves getting to know the individual, understanding their unique needs, and then making them understand who you are and how you can help them. Trust is crucial in this step, as the individual must believe in your ability to provide the support and guidance they need to achieve their goals.


Once the connection and trust have been established, the next step is Samarpan. This step is all about surrendering or committing to the process. The individual seeking guidance must be willing to put in the effort and be open and receptive to the guidance and support being offered. They must also be willing to take responsibility for their actions and be dedicated to achieving their goals.


The third step, Samadhaan, is all about resolution and taking action. This is where the individual seeking guidance takes the knowledge and insights they have gained and puts them into practice. It is important to note that this step requires a great deal of discipline and effort, as the individual must be willing to work hard to achieve their goals.


Finally, the last step is Sambandh, which is about establishing a relationship. This step involves creating a strong and lasting bond between the individual seeking guidance and their mentor. This bond is built through mutual respect, trust, and a shared commitment to achieving the individual’s goals.


Vedic Leadership Counselling™ is a powerful process that can help individuals achieve their leadership goals and reach their full potential. However, it requires a great deal of time, effort, and dedication to achieve the desired results. The key to success is trust, which must be established in the first step of the process, Sampark. By following this process, individuals can gain the knowledge, skills, and support they need to become successful leaders and achieve their dreams.

1. Sampark

Once Sampark is achieved, it’s important that we connect in a way that the trust earned is retained and never questioned. Doubts are severe impediments in any relationship; truer in counseling. Samarpan is the process of building ways to ensure that the trust earned is retained and protected by either side at all times. And if broken, neither the counselor’s nor the counselee’s interests are seldom compromised.

3. Sambandh

And once the mentee finds practicality of our solution, it leads to an ever-strengthening relationship – Sambandh. It often leads to a long term relationship of mutual faith and admiration. No matter when the counselee might need the counselor will make himself available at any given point of time.

2. Samarpan

Once there’s Samarpan or Connection based on trust. We then identify their personal as well as professional challenges and present simple, yet effective ways for our counselees to deal with them. Based on effortless Dhyana (Meditation) and Pranayama (Breathing Exercise). We do not recommend any medications, OTC or otherwise.

4. Samadhan

Each step is tailored for each counselee and designed without any complex algorithms or jargons. We believe, and have also most often proved, to our counselees how even the most complex problems are overcome with simple solutions. Of course, the process can be time-consuming. But we do not believe in quick fixes. We believe in providing ways to counselees whereby there are little or no detrimental consequences.

The Confidentiality

Leadership can often involve handling sensitive information, causing leaders to worry about confidentiality. To address this concern, Vedic Leadership Counselling™ has developed the MANA MAYA MANDALA MODEL. This model allows individuals seeking guidance to present their situation without sharing specific information, while still providing a comprehensive understanding of the issue at hand.


By recreating the situation as a model, multiple perspectives can be presented to the individual, providing a fresh and unique outlook on the situation. Although examining complex situations and providing new perspectives can be challenging, Vedic Leadership Counselling™ makes the process engaging by incorporating entertaining and educational anecdotes from Vedic lore, leading to enlightening and empowering conversations.


The use of the MANA MAYA MANDALA MODEL, combined with a legally binding confidentiality agreement, provides a secure and effective way for leaders to improve their skills while ensuring the protection of sensitive information.

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