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Seeking Others' Approval? Beware the Misery Trap!
Embark on a transformative journey toward enduring happiness. Delve into the profound wisdom of the Vedic sages, the Rishis, and their timeless insights. In an era where the allure of wealth, fame, and influence often overshadows our pursuit of true contentment, their ancient teachings offer a profound alternative. Explore our compelling article to unravel the illusions of external validation, navigate...
The Media, Social Media, and the FOMO Trap
In a world where information inundates our senses from every angle, have you ever paused to consider the profound impact that media and social media wield over your thoughts and emotions? These digital platforms, seemingly innocuous on the surface, are potent manipulators of the human psyche. They play a relentless game with your mind, subtly influencing your desires, beliefs, and behaviors. In this...
Dhyana: The Vehicle of Intellect and Self-Counseling
The ancient Vedic concept of Dhyana, often translated as meditation, carries profound insights into the workings of the human mind and intellect. Dhyana, derived from the Vedic Sanskrit words 'Dhi' meaning Intellect and 'Yana' meaning Vehicle, suggests a deeper understanding of the mind's journey towards calmness and self-awareness. In this article, we will explore the multifaceted nature of Dhyana,...
Healing The Mind Through Sage Conversations
To counsel effectively, one must possess a calm and wise mind, as it is only through understanding and internalizing knowledge that one can guide others on their journey towards fulfilment and enlightenment. The Gitas found in Vedic texts continue to be relevant sources of timeless wisdom and guidance for individuals seeking solace and direction in the modern world.
The Role Of The Mind In Our Relationships
In an era defined by rapid technological advancements and changing social dynamics, the role of the mind in shaping our relationships has never been more crucial. As we navigate the complexities of modern connections, it's essential to delve into the profound impact of the mind on our interactions and discover how understanding it can lead to healthier, more fulfilling relationships. In this article,...
The Unhealthy Influence of Social Media Influencers on Your Life
In today's hyper-connected world, social media has become the epicenter of our digital lives. But are we its masters or its puppets? This article explores how the masses, fueled by influencers and trends, often lead us down a perilous path, draining our resources and leaving us in debt.
Achieving Organizational Well-being Through Mental Resilience
In an era where business pressures are relentless, discover how mental well-being forms the cornerstone of organizational resilience. This article explores how ancient Vedic practices, Yogic Counseling, and Kootaneeti, can equip leaders with the serenity and strategic prowess to navigate the tumultuous waters of modern enterprise.
Why You Must Never Share Your Problems on Social Medias
Step into this eye-opening article that seeks you to think twice before sharing life's problems on social media. Reminding you that real support comes from real life, not just online thumbs-ups. This read is all about you—encouraging you to find strength inside yourself and not just on your screen. It is a sincere effort to help you hold your head high and tackle problems with your own hands. For anyone...
The Silent Pandemic of Loneliness
In an era defined by rapid technological advances and ceaseless digital chatter, an old-world remedy offers hope against a modern malaise: loneliness. Delving into the enduring principles of human connection, we find that the most potent solutions often lie in the simplest acts. Let's explore the timeless wisdom of listening, understanding, and caring, and how they provide a beacon of light against...
Financial Turmoil & Yogic Counseling
In a world often overwhelmed by financial crises and stress, Yogic Counseling offers a path to clarity and stability. This article explores the profound connection between the state of one's mind, financial well-being, and the transformative potential of Yogic Counseling in navigating turbulent financial waters.

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Living in Harmony Amidst Differences in a Family
In this article Jennifer Taylor explores her complex dynamics and personal journey, whose religious beliefs diverged from her family's deeply rooted faith. This introspective journey navigates the challenges, misconceptions, and judgments encountered when choosing a different spiritual path. The narrative delves into the author's commitment to maintaining family bonds while staying true to their own...
Balancing Tradition and Innovation in Parenting
In an era where the pace of change seems to outstrip our capacity to keep up, the delicate dance between tradition and innovation has never been more pertinent. As the world hurtles forward with technological advancements and shifting societal norms, we find ourselves at a crossroads, where the wisdom of the past meets the promise of the future. This article by Jennifer Taylor explores the timeless...
The Vision Behind The Yogic Parenting Project
In a world where the role of mothers is celebrated across cultures and religions, a paradoxical shift is emerging. Motherhood, once revered, now faces skepticism, especially among career-driven women. However, the quality, not quantity, of children is paramount, as ancient wisdom tells us. Enter the Yogic Parenting Project, a noble initiative bridging the gap between parenting and spirituality. Discover...
How My Path in Parenting led me to Yogic Wisdom
Holly Paige's journey through parenthood has been a transformative odyssey that led her to the profound wisdom of yogic principles. Since the arrival of her first child, Holly's quest for understanding human happiness took an unexpected turn, as she navigated the challenges of motherhood and explored cultural influences on child-rearing. Her decision to raise her children in Japan introduced her to...
Karma, Dharma & The Yogic Path of Parenting
Navigating the complexities of parenthood is a journey laden with countless choices and umpteen challenges. This reflective piece by Sophie Malahieude delves into the ancient concepts of Karma and Dharma to offer a fresh perspective on raising children. The author argues that every action and intention in parenting has future consequences, making mindfulness key. By embracing Dharma—our inherent duty...
Guiding Children Through School Elections: A Lesson in Integrity
In today's complex world, parenting is an ever-evolving journey. Embark with us on an exploration of timeless wisdom that can illuminate our path as parents. These ancient tales hold more than just fables; they are compasses guiding us through the challenges of raising compassionate, resilient children. From the depths of moral dilemmas to the importance of keeping promises, these stories offer invaluable...

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Can AI replace humans in after sales Customer Support?
In this intriguing article, VMC Fellow Ajish Nair delves into the intriguing realm of AI, shedding light on its inherent limitations, especially when it comes to the intricate domain of after-sales support. With a captivating blend of ancient wisdom from Vedic Sages, also known as Rishis, and cutting-edge developments in artificial intelligence, Nair artfully tackles the question at hand.
The Vedic Perspective on Success and Recognition
In a world often consumed by the pursuit of external recognition and material success, the ancient wisdom of the Vedas offers a profound alternative perspective. In the Vedic tradition, success is not merely about accumulating accolades or wealth; it is a journey of aligning oneself with the eternal principles of Dharma - which is also righteousness, and inner harmony. This article invites you to explore...
How Modern "Gurus" are Eroding Vedic Values
The Rishis of ancient India were revered for their wisdom and contributions to science, mathematics, and philosophy. They lived in harmony with nature and promoted personal growth and spiritual development. Modern "gurus," in contrast, often deviate from the traditional Vedic path, misinterpreting Dharma, plagiarizing Vedic knowledge, and promoting non-Vedic practices. It is important to recognize...
Debts and Losses are Indicators of Deeper Underlying Issues
Discover the deeper truth behind financial challenges. Debts and losses are not the real problems; they are mere symptoms of underlying issues. This article explores profound insights, drawing from ancient wisdom, to transform your perspective on money and wealth. Uncover the hidden causes and learn why addressing the root problems matters more than treating surface symptoms.
Finding Dharma in Advertising
Understanding Dharma has become increasingly challenging in a world where distortions have reduced it to a concept of religion and cults. In its essence, Dharma can be simplified as the golden rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It also serves as the Vedic benchmark for sustainability, universal welfare, and harmony. My profession in advertising has presented me with moral dilemmas:...
Why "Modern Gurus" Don’t Represent Vedic Rishis
In a time filled with misinformation and selective ignorance, the ancient teachings of the Vedic Rishis, who were deeply committed to the quest for wisdom, are being twisted and misunderstood. Surprisingly, this distortion often happens in the name of Vedic wisdom itself. By clearly distinguishing between the original teachings of these wise sages and the misleading claims of modern so-called "gurus,"...
What Modern Science & Medicine Must Learn from Vedic Wisdom
The study of the human mind, with all its intricacies and complexities, has always been a focal point for both ancient Vedic traditions and modern scientific research. While psychology, psychiatry, and neuroscience have made significant strides in understanding mental processes, there remains a fundamental gap: the mind is often confused with the brain, and consciousness becomes a by-product of this...
Have We Truly Advanced?
In our rapidly evolving world, it is essential to pause and reflect on whether our advancements in technology, communication, and daily life truly indicate progress in the broader sense. While our external environment has transformed significantly, the inner workings of the human mind, our emotional responses, and our understanding of consciousness seem remarkably similar to ages past. This article...
Artha & Arthashastra
In a world that often misinterprets the ancient wisdom of the Vedas as a renouncement of worldly wealth, it's time to bust some myths wide open. Far from advocating a life devoid of material comfort, Vedic knowledge systems provide profound insights into the intricate balance of 'Artha'—a Vedic Sanskrit term that embodies both 'meaning' and 'wealth.'
The Aging Population: A Valuable Resource, Not a Burden
Amidst a world that idolizes youth and progress, the intrinsic value of age often fades into the background. This disparity becomes evident as Western societies grapple with an ageing population, while echoes of respect for elders resonate from cultural legacies like Vedic India. In India's heartlands, the elderly have always been revered as founts of wisdom, their counsel woven into the fabric of...

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Love, Hate, and the Path Within
In the intricate mosaic of human experience, emotions wield a remarkable influence, shaping our thoughts, actions, and relationships. Vashistha's timeless teaching, "You may or may not become the person you love, but you will become the person you hate," encapsulates the profound impact of emotions on our journey through life. This sentiment resonates across ancient wisdom traditions, including the...
Conquering the Mind's Ailments with Yoga Vashistha
Embarking on a profound journey of self-discovery and liberation, the ancient scripture Yoga Vashistha provides timeless wisdom on the nature of the mind and its afflictions. Rooted in profound insights, Yoga Vashistha serves as a guiding light, unravelling the secrets to conquering the mind's ailments and unleashing boundless potential. Let us explore the shlokas that illuminate...
A Deeper Journey Into Yoga: Unearthing The Wisdom of Yoga Vashistha This Yoga Day
In recent years, the popularity of yoga has soared to incredible heights. However, the practice, as it is commonly understood today, often fails to capture the comprehensive depth and breadth of the traditional wisdom it encapsulates. To truly embrace yoga is to traverse the path of wisdom - to acquire not just physical well-being, but also emotional balance, without dependency on external substances...
Yoga as the Ultimate Path to Balance, Harmony, and Inner Transformation
Yoga, often misconceived as a mere physical and breathing exercise regimen, is a profound and holistic way of life that encompasses much more than its popularized aspects. Rooted in ancient Vedic wisdom, Yoga offers a sage path towards attaining balance, harmony, and a perfect state of mental equilibrium. It is essential to recognize that Yoga predates the works of Patanjali, often credited as its...
Unlocking the Hidden Wisdom: Why Every Yoga Practitioner Needs to Learn Yoga Vashistha
In a world saturated with commercialized yoga practices, it's time to dive deeper into the true essence of this ancient discipline. Beyond physical postures and breathing exercises lies the profound wisdom of Yoga Vashistha. This timeless text unravels the mysteries of the conscious self, mind, and their impact on our lives. It provides invaluable counselling solutions to navigate life's challenges...
Yoga: A Journey to Perpetual Bliss and Self-Discovery
Discover the True Essence of Yoga: A Journey of Self-Discovery, Wisdom, and Enlightenment. Rediscover the roots of yoga, go beyond just physical exercise and breathing techniques, and learn how to empower your mind and spirit. Read on to unlock the power of yoga in transforming your life.
Great Pearls of Wisdom from Yoga Vashistha
After embarking on a long and tiresome voyage throughout his kingdom, Prince Rama of Ayodhya found himself disillusioned with the world. He was overwhelmed by the pains of the people he met during his travel and saw the world around him to be gruesome. He was not sure why the world and life were so “unfair.” He had so many questions that he landed in an abyss of confusion every time he tried to answer...
Yoga Practitioners as Counsellors for Emotional Wellbeing
By embracing deeper yet much needed Vedic knowledge disciplines, Yoga practitioners can, not just create a whole new avenue for sustainable revenue but also enable greater value creation. And since the Vedic counselling approach is about the balancing the mind through understanding and transcending thoughts – they do not pose any specific legal or medical challenges to practice. Although they will...

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Dharma & Deception: Handling Cunning Adversaries
In the fast-paced and competitive landscape of today's world, dealing with cunning adversaries is a skill that can make or break your success. As the Shukracharya in Shukra Neeti suggests, strategic knowledge and, at times, even a touch of deceit can be powerful tools in your arsenal when facing those who don't always play by the rules. In this article, we will explore the practical utility of these...
How Great Men of the Vedic Era Became Gods in Hindu Tradition
Dive into an enlightening exploration of Vedic wisdom, ancient stories, and their modern-day implications for leadership and devotion. This article takes you on a journey through the contrasting portrayals of iconic figures like Rama and Krishna, peeling back layers of interpretation to reveal their original Vedic essence. It critically examines the cults of devotion that have emerged around these...
Navigating Complex Realities in a Binary World With Kootaneeti
In an era where we're plagued by an excess of information but a deficit of wisdom, where problems seem to compound as solutions falter, the ancient concept of Kootaneeti may offer a path forward. Rooted in the Vedic Sanskrit tradition, Kootaneeti is a term that combines 'Koota' (Discreet) and 'Neeti' (Approach) to offer a nuanced framework for understanding and interacting with the world. It challenges...
Importance of Fear Relinquishment in Practice of Kootaneeti
In the realm of human emotions, fear stands out as a powerful force that can either empower or debilitate us. Ancient Vedic texts, penned by the insightful Rishis, offer a profound perspective on fear, hate, and the human condition. According to these teachings, fear is not only useless but also profoundly detrimental, often giving rise to hatred and sowing the seeds of chaos. This article delves into...
China's Art of War Versus India's Kootaneeti
In a world where international dynamics and regional tensions shape the course of history, few nations loom as large as China. The dragon's ascent onto the global stage has been marked by a series of calculated moves, often driven by an intricate blend of strategy, intimidation, and economic prowess. Yet, as we dissect China's geopolitical manoeuvres through the wisdom of Kootaneeti, it becomes evident...
The Enigmatic Power of Ancient Rajagurus
Vedic India's regal tapestry is woven with tales of kings who ruled vast territories and built grand empires. But behind every great king stood a figure of immense wisdom: the Rajaguru, or the King's Mentor. These sages, from the bygone days of the Rig Vedic period, were not mere consultants. Their influence and impact on monarchs were profound, shaping the very fabric of modern Indian history.
Vedic Perspectives on Friendship & Enmities
Friendships and enmities have played a significant role in shaping human interactions throughout history. The Vedic scriptures, with their profound wisdom, offer insights into the nature of these relationships, their impermanence, and the factors that influence them. Let us delve into the Vedic perspective on friendships and enmities, exploring key shlokas that shed light on these intricate dynamics. Impermanence...
Handling Uncertainties & Adverse Challenges with Advanced Kootaneeti Course
The Advanced Kootaneeti Course offers a transformative perspective on navigating life's complexities, drawing from Vedic wisdom. It teaches the art of distinguishing opportunities from threats, reframing fear's impact, and adeptly managing challenges, interests, and sustainability. Illustrated through stories, it showcases practical Kootaneeti applications, serving as a crucial alternative amidst today's...
Understanding Difference Between Truth & Fact
In our quest to understand the nature of reality and the world around us, we often encounter two seemingly similar but fundamentally distinct concepts: Truth and Fact. These concepts have profound implications for our perception of the world, our mental well-being, and our ability to navigate life's challenges. While many may interchangeably use these terms, it is essential to recognize their true...
Kootaneeti's Perspective on "Crush Your Enemy Totally."
In a world characterized by competing ideologies and diverse cultural backgrounds, the philosophies guiding our approach to power and confrontation vary widely. The teachings from Robert Greene's "The 48 Laws of Power," embodying a Western perspective, contrast sharply with the Vedic principle of Kootaneeti. This article explores these contrasting views and their implications in modern times.

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Hindu, Hinduism, Hindutva, Dharma
Hindu, Hinduism, Hindutva vis-a-vis Dharma
The terms "Hindu," "Hinduism," and "Hindutva" do not appear in the Vedic texts. The word "Hindu" originates from Persian, where the Sindhu (Indus) River was called "Hindu." Alexander the Great, unable to cross the Sindhu, used "Hindus" for its inhabitants. British colonial rulers, in their hurried classification, termed those outside major religions as "Hindus." Post-independence, feeling betrayed,...
Dharma & Deception: Handling Cunning Adversaries
In the fast-paced and competitive landscape of today's world, dealing with cunning adversaries is a skill that can make or break your success. As the Shukracharya in Shukra Neeti suggests, strategic knowledge and, at times, even a touch of deceit can be powerful tools in your arsenal when facing those who don't always play by the rules. In this article, we will explore the practical utility of these...
Why is India called Bharat?
Explore the rich history and cultural significance behind the name "Bharat" for the Indian subcontinent. 🇮🇳 In this video, we delve into the historical, textual, literary, and cultural aspects that make India also known as Bharat. Discover the deep-rooted connections that India has with its ancient civilization and its contributions to the world. Join us on this enlightening journey of understanding....
How to Manage Social Media Delusions for Mental Wellness?
In the age of digital deluge, where the currency of our self-worth often seems to be measured in likes, shares, and comments, we find ourselves ensnared in the intricate web of Maya. This ancient Vedic concept, translating to "illusion," resonates profoundly in our modern lives. The virtual world we inhabit, particularly on platforms like Facebook, can feel like a mesmerizing mirage – promising happiness,...
Are Vata, Pitta & Kapha Ayurvedic Concepts?
Ayurveda, the ancient wisdom of healthy living, is built upon the Vedic Sanskrit term "Ayurveda," meaning "Wisdom on Healthy Living." This article challenges the prevailing understanding of Doshas in what is being peddled as "Ayurvedic medicine." By examining ancient texts and their interpretations, it questions the validity of Doshas as a foundational concept. This invites readers to reconsider the...
The Search for The Real Krishna
Krishna, one of the most enigmatic and multifaceted figures in Hindu mythology, has been widely discussed, debated, and even deified. However, the Krishna that many people think they know isn't quite as straightforward as the stories suggest. Often considered a supreme being in his own right, Krishna never explicitly declares himself as "God" in the way many might expect. To understand this complex...
Vedic Perspectives on Friendship & Enmities
Friendships and enmities have played a significant role in shaping human interactions throughout history. The Vedic scriptures, with their profound wisdom, offer insights into the nature of these relationships, their impermanence, and the factors that influence them. Let us delve into the Vedic perspective on friendships and enmities, exploring key shlokas that shed light on these intricate dynamics. Impermanence...
Intellect, Efforts & The Roots of Prosperity
In the timeless dance between intellect and effort, which truly paves the way to prosperity? Artha Sutras, written in Vedic Sanskrit, offers a window into this age-old conundrum, guiding us through the interplay of discernment and diligence. Dive in as we unravel the wisdom encapsulated in these ancient verses, revealing the essence of wealth, the illusion of mere monetary gain, and the perils of...
Dana: The Vedic Perspective on Charity
In the modern world, the concept of giving has been overshadowed by a transactional approach, leading to a culture of charity driven by personal gains and recognition. However, the ancient Vedic wisdom offers us a profound perspective on giving, rooted in the principles of Dharma, Karma, and Dana. Understanding this perspective can transform our outlook on giving and inspire genuine acts of kindness...
What is the process of Vedic chanting, and why is it considered important?
The Vedas, ancient texts of India, are not mere holy books but repositories of realized truths about life and living - at large. They were composed by Rishis (seers) in a time when there were no writing instruments, with the intention of passing down profound knowledge to future generations. To ensure the preservation of this wisdom, the Rishis devised the process of Vedic chanting, a unique method...

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How a FOOL became PANDIT (wise man)?
Listen to an ancient parable filled with wisdom with a message for the fragile intellect of the modern times.
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Bhartrihari: The King who became a Rishi
As wise Rishis have justly declared, ‘To die is a passing pain but to be poor is an eternal anguish.’ Besides, I am also in agreement with the Rishis’ declaration, ‘It is better to die loved in youth and not hated in old age.’ If you would be generous to offer me a sizeable material reward for my family to live comfortably – that would be more desirous to me than the youth and romantic escapades the...
Helping the thankless
There once lived a man in a small village somewhere in Northern Gangetic Plain. Owing to his lethargic as well as careless attitude he would seldom keep any job. His family, owing to his joblessness, showed him no respect and in due time the man felt dejected and ventured deep into a forest. As if by accident he met an old yet gracious looking Yogi. The Yogi had not even a single thread of link to...
When a Rishi drank wine
Long ago, in a city called Avantika, there lived a Rishi. He was held in high esteem not only by the common people but also by the king of the land. Whenever the king felt disturbed in mind, he would approach the Rishi. The Rishi’s wisdom-enriched advice would restore peace in the king’s mind. “O great sage, I see that you wander from door to door begging for food. But that is not necessary....
Whose Miracle?
This story is a part of RISHI TALES (Volume 1) by U. Mahesh Prabhu with Foreword by Dr David Frawley.  The book is available on for $9.99 and for INR 200.00 There was once a spiritual master who attracted many disciples. When he died his devotees did not wish his cult to come to an end. There was a young scholar who served the master well and was to be considered be wise too. The...
Without the Faith Within
The following story is from Rishi Tales 2: 21 Ancient Vedic Sanskrit Tales Translated & Retold by U. Mahesh Prabhu Author of Sushruta-Samhita – Rishi Sushruta – is regarded as the father of Surgery. He was also a great physician of his times. Whatever be the sickness, Sushruta could cure it with his magic touch. “Sushruta! You are no ordinary human, but an incarnation of Dhanvantari – the physician...
A Giant’s Dilemma
A long time ago, in the dense forest of Vindhyas, there lived giant who was gifted with a special power to assume any form at his will. As fancy as it may sound, the giant was apparently disgusted with his life. He desired to put an end to it. However, there was a problem.
The Rishikas: Who were they? Why are they important?
The word Veda comes from the root word Vid, which implies Wisdom. Vedic texts, including the Vedas, Upanishads, Aranyakas, Shastras and Sutras are a collection of greater knowledge and deeper wisdom on achieving sustainable peace and prosperity, at an individual as well as collective level. The sages and seers who authored these texts are collectively referred to as Rishis. The word Rishi is made of...
The Three Crucial Questions
This story is a part of RISHI TALES (Volume 1) by U. Mahesh Prabhu with Foreword by Dr David Frawley.  The book is available on for $9.99 and for INR 200.00 Bhoja Raja, also known as Raja Bhoj, was one of the greatest kings hailed by ancient Indian (read Vedic) legends. He was a powerful and accomplished warrior-king – yet, his love for knowledge and wisdom was significant....

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MBS: A Visionary Leader with Pragmatic Vision for Middle East
In the ever-shifting sands of the Middle East, one leader stands out as a beacon of vision and pragmatism: Mohammed bin Salman, affectionately known as MBS. In a region often characterized by turbulence and unpredictability, MBS has emerged as a statesman charting a course that balances relations with two formidable players, Israel and Iran. This dynamic approach, involving diplomatic finesse and measured...
The Importance of Considering US Bonds as a Valuable Investment Option Despite Current Debt Ceiling Issues
Despite the ongoing challenges surrounding the US debt ceiling, it is crucial to recognize the enduring value and significance of US bonds as an investment option. US bonds have long been regarded as a secure and reliable choice, playing a vital role in diversified portfolios worldwide. In this article, we explore the benefits of US bonds and address how the current debt ceiling issues are impacting...
Unseating Modi: Difficult but not impossible
India’s 14th and current Prime Minister – Narendra Damodardas Modi – is the most formidable premier in history, since Jawaharlal Nehru. One could suggest that Indira Gandhi too enjoyed influence and popularity like her father, but there are more common characteristics between the reigns of Nehru & Modi. Notably, the significant uncertainty is about the successor to the PM. Like in the past,...
Gandhara to Kandahar: Importance of Vedic history of Afghanistan
In this important article Vedic Management teacher U. Mahesh Prabhu along with renowned Vedic scholar Dr David Frawley explain why the understanding of the Vedic history of Afghanistan is crucial to resolving its current crisis.   The United States’ abrupt departure from Afghanistan is being perceived around the world as a sign of weakness, an inability of the world’s main superpower to...
A Global Economic Depression is Inevitable. Brace for Impact.
You can control many aspects of your own life, but others always remain that, which you cannot control. In an era when people are obsessed with money, influence, and media – losing control is something not taken kindly. Therefore, most people in positions of power fail when they to meet challenges of extreme importance. With the Chinese virus continuing to infest the world population and hitting world...
Why extended periods of lockdowns are not the answer for pandemics
Much of the world has been under lockdown for over a month at present. And many governments are looking at extending the lockdown period as a “preventive measure.” Governments that are trying to end lockdown in phases, are coming under political attacks from their respective oppositions. The argument of those in favor of the extension of lockdown often suggests “There are greater chances of more deaths...
7 Crucial Steps PM Modi must take to protect Indian Economy
On April 17, 2020, Governor of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Shaktikanta Das, addressed a much-hyped media gathering. Indian stock markets, hopeful of “additional stimulus package,” led to a modest spike in the market indices. In his statement, Das claims, “Indian economy was to grow at 1.7% of its GDP” and that in the following year, there would be a “sharp increase.” In...
Why the collapse of Chinese Communist Party may now be inevitable?
Corona Virus, better known as Covid19, started in China, which is the reason why US President Donald Trump insisted on calling it the Chinese Virus. “It originated in China!” that is how POTUS explained it. And it may not be right to call him a “racist” for that. After all, the pandemic of 1920 was called Spanish Flu because it originated in Spain. Covid19 has devastated the world more than we know....
Is Collapse of European Union Imminent?
On March 29, 2019, amid chaos and economic uncertainty in his country, and the European Union, finance minister of Hesse state in Germany, Thomas Schäfer committed suicide. Hesse is home to Germany’s financial capital Frankfurt, where major lenders like Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank have their headquarters. The European Central Bank (ECB) is also based here. Late Schäfer (54), who was Hesse’s...
Corona Lock down: Contemplate instead of Complaining
As the world is locked down and people are confined to homes, exposed to countless mindless forwards, and a flood of data, mindfulness can keep your head above water. An empty mind is the devil’s workshop. These days having fed the mind with mindless gossip, doomsday projections from careless forewords, and unmindful media reports, many are already suffering substantial anxiety and are emotionally...
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