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Vedic Management Center (VMC) was founded in 2016 by U. Mahesh Prabhu and David Frawley. The organization offers practical and balanced solutions for complex situations in the areas of Leadership, Management, Politics, Finance, Investing, Economics, and Diplomacy. VMC is a self-funded, non-religious, non-partisan organization that aims to bring ethical, innovative, profitable, and sustainable practices to its clients, students, and mentees.

Mahesh Prabhu

Founder, Chair & Professor

David Frawley

Founder, Professor & Chief Mentor


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The pandemic is far from over. Great many uncertainties continue to loom large while causing severe economic down impacting profits and incurring job losses. Organizations, be they big, medium, or small, continue to struggle. This is making a great many people to wonder if Capitalism is even the right model. We are also seeing a steep rise in socialistic tendencies in masses when they question “capitalist policies.” Is capitalism really bad? Is socialism any good? How can we put our nations back on track? Where did we go wrong? Why did we go wrong? What economic course correction should we undertake – individually as well as collectively – to weather the storm? How do we quell rising and mindless hate? How do we establish harmony within and without? Questions such as these have been baffling a great many intelligent minds without any credible answers.

Being Calm Amid the Storm​

To say that “We live in extraordinary times,” would be an understatement to many suffering amid ongoing pandemic leading to financial difficulties owing to economic chaos besides political standoffs, and social unrests. A significant amount of people, including millionaires and billionaires, are struggling with their debts along with emotional stress, failing relationships leading to heartbreaks, and lack of certainty are leading people to, or to the verge of, depression.  Given these unpleasant and uncertain facts there is a dire need for a certain knowledge that can help us to maintain a calm mind to assess situations objectively to help us find lasting solutions to our problems instead of worsening or simply exchanging existing problems for new problems.

Vedic Perspective on Criticism​

Differences of opinion are natural occurrences in life. After all, each person has his or her own mind and particular point of view. But disagreements need not result in conflict or enmity. For thousands of years Vedic Rishis have used critical analysis and debate, not for discrediting others, but as a means to understand and realize the broader truths of life for achieving wisdom, wellbeing and prosperity for all. No two Rishis agreed upon everything and yet they admired a variety of paths and honored the right of each person to have different or even changing views.


Leadership Challenges in the Post-Pandemic World​

In this first episode of SHAASTRARTHA a monthly webinar cum panel discussion session the following eminent panelists joined us to present possible scenarios vis-a-vis leadership challenges in the post-pandemic world: Dr David Frawley a.k.a. Acharya Vamadeva Shastri, Founder & Chief Mentor, Vedic Management Center Dr Aswin Chandarr, Founder & CTO, Jonker-Makis Robotics, Netherlands Mr Vetrivel Janakiraman, Director (Op-Ex), Roche Pharma Corp., Cologne, Germany Mr Mark Price, Actor & Vedic Meditation Teacher, New York, USA. Mr. Raghavendra Agarwal, Chartered Accountant, Mumbai India. The session was hosted and moderated by U. Mahesh Prabhu Founder & Chairman of Vedic Management Center.​

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