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Artha is a Vedic Sanskrit word. It implies Wealth as well as Meaning. It is best interpreted as the Art of Meaningful Wealth. Artha also refers to Economics. Arthashastra, the main comprehensive Sanskrit treatise on Politics, Diplomacy and Economy helps us to understand Artha comprehensively. Wealth is not just currency. Currency represents wealth – but is not the wealth itself. So, what is wealth? How can we earn it? Sustain it? Grow it? How can we benefit from the knowledge and wisdom of Arthashastra personally, particularly in this time of economic and social upheaval resulting from pandemics? This examination is the crux of a 2-hour online video webinar course conducted by U. Mahesh Prabhu. The webinar will consist of a 1-hour lecture followed by a 1-hour interactive question and answer follow up. The focus of this course will be to help the participants understand in subtle, yet effective way, various aspects of the economy that have directly and indirectly impact our personal finances and life at large.


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