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Chanakya a.k.a. Kautilya’s Arthashastra is mostly about general political administration or Rajyam. The system of administration is what is known in Vedic context as Rajaneeti. Although it does speak of many aspects that are unknown to present leaders and thinkers of politics, authors of Arthashastra, including Bharadwaj, Shukracharya, Pishuna and the like prophesied that there are times when these knowledges are inadequate to address the challenges for those who are honorable and principled (Dharmic). There are times when people of destructive tendencies assume positions of power only to corrupt the system, and cause grave injustice. During times of upheaval a more formidable form of knowledge is needed; one that is discreet, shrewd, and effective besides adhering to the principles of Dharma. This form of knowledge is called Kootaneeti – an advanced art and science built upon the foundations of Rajaneeti. Its objective is to protect and uphold all that is Dharmic and work for the universal welfare of all beings. However, Kootaneeti is one step further. It does not hesitate to pursue a difficult path for the sake of upholding Dharma. In this second episode of Vedic Webinar Series, U Mahesh Prabhu will be presenting a brief perspective on the ideas and ideals of the lost art and science of Rajaneeti & Kootaneeti.



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