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Why Do We Make Bad Decisions Even When We Know They Will Turn Out Poorly?

In our lives, we often find ourselves engaging in actions that deep down we know are not beneficial. Despite this knowledge, we proceed with these actions, only to later regret and suffer the consequences. Why do we act against our better judgment? To answer this question, we must explore the concepts of Mind (Mana) and Consciousness (Atmana). The Mind reacts impulsively, while Consciousness allows us to think and reflect. When we make decisions contrary to our thoughtful analysis, it is because the Mind, with its strong influence on our actions, overpowers our Consciousness and bears the brunt of the resulting suffering.

The Power of Thought

A staggering majority of people do not engage in critical thinking. They mindlessly consume advice from elders, peers, superiors, or friends who often fail to consider the full implications. Conversely, the remaining minority who genuinely think face the predicament of having the right thoughts but taking the wrong actions.

Balancing the Mind and Consciousness

The key to resolving this predicament lies in allowing our Consciousness to have a greater influence over the Mind, reversing the usual power dynamics. Achieving this balance requires the profound wisdom of Vedic sages. -Rishis. When I mention the Rishis and Rishikas, some may perceive bias. However, what they fail to realize is that these enlightened beings possess a deeper and more authentic understanding of the body, mind, and Consciousness.

Wisdom of the Sages

The invaluable teachings passed down by the sages across generations primarily revolve around comprehending, soothing, and maintaining a calm state of mind. This is crucial because, regardless of our personal beliefs, our beliefs shape our actions as they originate from the Mind. Blindly assuming or presuming without thoughtful consideration, which can only come from Consciousness, leads only to regret and suffering caused by ill-conceived actions.


In order to lead a more fulfilling and purposeful life, we must prioritize the influence of Consciousness over the Mind. By incorporating the wisdom imparted by the sages, we can achieve a harmonious balance and make decisions that align with our higher understanding. Let us embrace the transformative power of thoughtful analysis, thus minimizing regret and suffering while maximizing the benefits of our actions.

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