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Why the Mind Cannot Be Healed Through Medications?

The human mind is a complex and enigmatic entity, often referred to as the seat of consciousness and the source of our thoughts, emotions, and behaviours. It is the intangible component that defines our very essence of existence, and yet, its nature remains elusive. Science has made significant strides in understanding the brain, but the mind, which emanates from the brain, continues to be a subject of profound intrigue. When the brain ceases to function, so does the mind, leading us to contemplate whether the mind can ever be fully understood or treated using tangible equipment or medications. In this article, we explore the profound insights offered by Yogic Counseling in the realm of the mind, shedding light on how it can aid individuals in understanding and healing their innermost struggles.

The Mind-Brain Connection

The intricate relationship between the mind and the brain has been a subject of contemplation for centuries. While it is widely accepted that the mind emerges from the activities of the brain, distinguishing between the two remains challenging. Brain activity can be measured and observed through tangible equipment such as MRI scans and EEGs, but the mind itself eludes such direct scrutiny. This raises a fundamental question: Can we ever truly comprehend the mind’s workings or heal its afflictions through conventional scientific means?

Yogic Counseling: A Holistic Approach

Yogic Counseling offers a unique perspective on the mind. Rooted in the 7 Gitas, this approach views the mind as a dynamic and interconnected aspect of our being, deeply intertwined with our emotions, thoughts, and actions. Unlike conventional therapeutic models that focus primarily on cognitive and emotional processes, Yogic Counseling delves into the spiritual and holistic aspects of the mind.

Understanding the Mind

Yogic Counseling equips individuals with the tools to delve into the depths of their minds. Practitioners are trained to guide individuals through introspection, meditation, and self-reflection, helping them gain a profound understanding of their state of mind and the underlying causes of their emotional and psychological struggles. By exploring the mind’s intricacies, Yogic Counseling empowers individuals to gain clarity and insight into their own mental and emotional landscapes. NOTE; Certified Yogic Counselor Course 

Healing the Mind

Once individuals have gained a deeper understanding of their minds, Yogic Counseling provides a path towards healing and resolution. Unlike medications that target symptoms or tangible equipment that measures physiological changes, Yogic Counseling addresses the root causes of mental and emotional distress. It encourages individuals to engage in meaningful conversations, meditation, and introspection to gradually alleviate their inner turmoil.

The Integration of Yogic Counseling

The merits of Yogic Counseling extend beyond its standalone use. Its profound insights into the mind can be seamlessly integrated into conventional counseling models including “Vedic” Counseling. By incorporating the yogic perspective, counselors can offer a more comprehensive and holistic approach to addressing the mental and emotional needs of their clients. This integration not only enhances the effectiveness of therapy but also contributes to a deeper and more enduring transformation of the individual.


The mind, often considered an intangible and elusive entity, remains central to our existence and well-being. While modern science grapples with understanding and healing the mind through tangible means, Yogic Counseling offers a profound alternative. By delving into the spiritual and holistic dimensions of the mind, Yogic Counseling empowers individuals to comprehend their innermost struggles and embark on a journey of healing and self-discovery. Its integration into conventional counseling models enriches therapeutic interventions and paves the way for a deeper understanding of the mind’s mysteries. In a world where the mind’s complexities continue to confound us, Yogic Counseling stands as a beacon of wisdom and hope for those seeking to unravel the enigma within.

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