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Why You Must Never Share Your Problems on Social Medias

Step into this eye-opening article that seeks you to think twice before sharing life's problems on social media. Reminding you that real support comes from real life, not just online thumbs-ups. This read is all about you—encouraging you to find strength inside yourself and not just on your screen. It is a sincere effort to help you hold your head high and tackle problems with your own hands. For anyone looking to keep it real and build true toughness, this article is your call to action.

The Illusion of Companionship in Social Media

In today’s world, where loneliness abounds (as highlighted by The Silent Pandemic of Loneliness), individuals often turn to social media to fill the void, seeking companionship through distraction. Celebrities and influencers have begun a new trend of publicizing their emotional struggles under the guise of raising mental health awareness and encouraging others to seek professional help while making their problems public. They portray themselves as survivors or even victors of emotional and physical turmoil.

The Unhealthy Trend of Publicizing Personal Struggles

This increasing trend of sharing personal and mental issues publicly is a misguided cry for help to an inappropriate audience and, also, for the wrong reasons. If you find yourself drawn into this behaviour, whether knowingly or not, resist it. This approach, promoted by social media strategists to boost their platforms and businesses, is contributing to a shift from confusion to chaos.

The Timeless Nature of Personal Struggles

It is vital to recognize that everyone faces challenges; this is a timeless truth. Feelings of regret about the past or worries about the future are not novel. The tendency to dwell on failed dreams and future ambitions will likely continue, regardless of social media trends. Expecting others to consistently engage with your problems is unrealistic. The likes, shares, and comments on social media are often mistaken for genuine empathy, but this is a fallacy.

The Misinterpretation of Online Reactions

People interact with posts on social media for various reasons, often unrelated to actual empathy. They may engage with content that mirrors their mood, driven by algorithms that cater to increase user engagement. It is possible that some individuals derive pleasure from others’ misfortunes, particularly in a society where people begrudge each other’s happiness. Be cautious of interpreting online reactions as genuine concern.

The Path to Resolving Personal Issues

There are two effective approaches to resolving personal issues: consuling with an empath (as suggested by Yogic Counseling) or taking accountability for your situation. Blaming others is less productive than assuming responsibility. The mind often deflects blame, yet it is the source of both pleasure and pain. Recognizing that one is neither the body nor the mind is a step towards resolving mental conflicts.

Emotional Attachment and Its Dangers

The mind can only be deeply hurt by those to whom we are attached, rarely by strangers. Attachment and obsession are dangerous combinations. The mind often confuses irrational affection with love, leading to idolization of unknown individuals, misguided adoration, and vulnerability to deception, with significant emotional costs.

Self-Reliance in Problem-Solving

Ultimately, only you can resolve your problems. While others may offer support or aid, there is no certainty in professional help. One must be aware of the professional’s vested financial interests and their mental state, which could potentially impact your own well-being negatively.

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