Our children may come from us, but they don’t belong to us. While they are our responsibility, they are also the future we are shaping. It’s our obligation to nurture them, equip them with knowledge, and instill wisdom, rather than indulging them to the point of spoilage.

Dharma Sutras

What is Yogic Parenting Project?

The world is indeed in a state of flux, riddled with complexities and challenges that bear heavily upon the young — our future. Yet, it is within these times of change and disorder that seeds of transformation are sown.

The Yogic Parenting Project aspires to be more than a beacon in these turbulent times; it aims to be a guiding star, illuminating the path for countless parents and children who wander in the dark labyrinth of modern existence. With roots anchored in the profound wisdom of Yoga, Ayurveda, and the Vedic sciences, this endeavour seeks to resuscitate the long-forgotten art of Samskaras—balanced nurturing—a philosophical gem that could be humanity’s key to a more harmonious existence.

Samskaras, an ancient Vedic concept, is not merely a word but a doctrine, embodying a lifecycle approach to nurturing conscious individuals. From the womb to the world, it encapsulates the quintessence of the right knowledge, the right food, the right thoughts, and the right ideals. By reinstating this profound concept, we shall aspire not merely to develop responsible citizens but enlightened beings, conscious and enlightened individuals who are aligned with the harmony of the universe and capable of transforming the world.

It is a sombre reality that the profundity of Samskaras has been reduced to mere ceremonial rituals, losing its essence to the sands of time. The Yogic Parenting Project, therefore, is not just a mission; it’s a resurrection, a rebirth of wisdom that once guided sages and seers.

Through this endeavour, we shall delve into the forgotten scriptures, translating them anew to resonate with the consciousness of the modern world. Our articles will serve as an oasis of wisdom, shedding light on responsible parenting in an age where guidance is oft sought but seldom found. We shall develop counseling paradigms designed to bridge the emotional chasms that divide parents and children, and our consulting practices and online resources will offer actionable insights based on rigorous research.

We believe this is not just an initiative but a global movement. A movement to reorient the axis of the world towards its original design of balance, harmony, and interconnectedness. Through the Yogic Parenting Project, we aim to rekindle the spark of divinity in each child, empowering them to be not just the leaders of tomorrow but the enlightened and conscious beings who will guide us towards a world reborn.

In this quest, we shall not walk alone. Every parent, every child, and every being yearning for balance and harmony will be our companion. The journey is long, and the path steep, but the guiding star of Samskaras shines brightly ahead, promising a future as envisioned by the ancients—a world of balance, a world of harmony, a world transformed.

Our  Founding  Fellows

Jennifer Taylor 

Jennifer Taylor is a multi-faceted professional and mother based in Mather, Pennsylvania, USA. With a career spanning over two decades in the hospitality industry, Jennifer has honed her skills in customer service, operations, and leadership. Her experience is enriched by a stint in Japan, where she immersed herself in the country’s culture and traditions.

Not just content with a successful career in hospitality, Jennifer is also a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), a testament to her compassion and commitment to healthcare. Her nurturing instincts extend to her personal life, where she is the proud mother of four talented and promising daughters.

Jennifer’s interests are as eclectic as they are deep-rooted. She is profoundly passionate about ancient Indian wisdom—specifically Vedic Sanskrit, Kootnaeeti and Yogic Counseling. This passion led her to become an esteemed Fellow of the Yogic Parenting Project, a role that allows her to integrate ancient wisdom into modern parenting practices. Specializing in Yogic Counseling, Jennifer works in collaboration with the Vedic Management Center to develop an evidence-based, credible model for holistic parenting.

Her comprehensive approach to well-being and family life has made her a sought-after counsellor and advisor. With her feet firmly planted in both the ancient and modern worlds, Jennifer Taylor provides a unique blend of insights that enrich and empower parents to foster balanced, mindful households. She’s based in Mather, Pennsylvania (US). 

Sophie Malahieude

Sophie, originally from France, is a multicultural mom of two who has lived in Germany and the United States. Her parenting philosophy is a unique blend of Vedic knowledge and wisdom, disciplines she discovered in 1997 while in Germany. Despite language barriers, she felt an immediate connection to these ancient practices, which emphasize self-awareness and harmony with nature.

In 2004, after relocating to the U.S., Sophie began her career as a holistic wellness consultant while raising her two young sons. She sees Vedic philosophy as something that fosters internal balance and connects us to the natural world. Sophie applies these principles to ensure her family enjoys a healthy, balanced lifestyle, emphasizing not just physical well-being but also mental and emotional health.

Sophie believes that each individual has an innate capacity for healing that can be unlocked through a holistic approach to life, encompassing nutrition, exercise, and mindful living. She spends her time, now as a Mind  Wellness Consultant, sharing how to easily and naturally incorporate this ancient wisdom into everyday life. She feels that aligning one’s physical, mental, and emotional states can not only lead to individual well-being but also contribute to the wellness of the larger community.

Objective of  Yogic Parenting Project

In a world that feels increasingly disconnected and chaotic, the importance of grounded, holistic parenting has never been greater. Our children navigate an intricate web of technology, social pressure, and environmental issues, often lacking the foundational elements of wisdom, resilience, and emotional intelligence. It is within this context that the Yogic Parenting Project emerges—not as a mere program, but as an essential movement for the future of humanity.

Here is what we intend to achieve with Yogic Parenting Project

  1. Reviving Timeless Wisdom: This project resurrects the Vedic principle of Samskaras—loosely translated as “balanced nurturing”—which embodies a comprehensive approach to holistic well-being. It is a lifeline that connects the ancient past to the future, translating age-old wisdom into a universal language for modern families around the world.

  2. Holistic Development Methodologies: In contrast to the one-dimensional emphasis on intellectual or material achievement, the Yogic Parenting Project intend to develop concrete methodologies that can nurture children in a 360-degree spectrum: mind, body, and consciousness. From the right nutrition to emotional intelligence, from cognitive skills to consciousness manifestation, we intend to address every aspect meticulously.

  3. Emotional Wellness: One of the unique models we will also be working on as a part of this project is Yogic Counseling model tailored to both parents and children. Emotional challenges aren’t a side topic here; they are front and centre. In a world where mental health issues among the young are on a disturbing rise, this can’t be underestimated.

  4. Research-Backed Approaches: Through translating original Vedic scripts and assimilating them with contemporary research, the project stands as an intersection of ancient Vedic wisdom and modern science. It’s not about turning back the clock but rather about utilizing proven methods to enrich our children’s lives today for a better and sustainable tomorrow.

  5. Create A Global Community: By joining this project, you will become an integral part of an ever-growing community of like-minded individuals of various nationalities, religions, races and cultures. Parents, caretakers, educators, and anyone invested in the well-being of the younger generation can share insights, experiences, and techniques, exponentially amplifying the impact of the project.

Transformative Impact

Imagine raising a generation of children who are not just academically intelligent but also wise, not just competitive but compassionate, not just smart but spiritually awakened. Imagine a world where these children become leaders, inventors, artists, and visionaries who approach challenges from a holistic perspective, striving for solutions that honour both individuality and interconnectedness.

Your Role in This Vision

We don’t just invite you to join a project; we invite you to become an ambassador for a new paradigm. You have the potential to make a substantial difference in not only your child’s life but also in the fabric of society and, by extension, the world.

The Yogic Parenting Project isn’t a shortcut or a hack; it’s a lifelong commitment to every child’s holistic well-being. As we collectively rekindle the spirit of Samskaras, we will not only be raising children but nurturing individuals of essence and character who can transform the world for good.

Join us in making history. Enrich your life, uplift your family, and be part of a global movement to recreate a balanced and harmonious world for our children and the generations to come.

The time for change is now. Are you ready to be a part of it?

Express Your Interest

In the sacred journey of Yogic Parenting, we embrace timeless principles that guide our path and unite us as seekers of truth and harmony. These principles, woven into the fabric of our project, are the guiding light for all those who walk this path:

  1. Embrace boundless compassion for all beings, without exception.
  2. Banish hatred and all malevolent inclinations from your heart.
  3. Live in genuine harmony with your words and deeds, leaving no room for hypocrisy.
  4. Acknowledge your intrinsic connection to the universal consciousness, the Atman.
  5. Cultivate humility and nurture the thirst for wisdom within.
  6. Uphold the laws of the land, respecting the social contract we share.
  7. Welcome constructive criticism with an open heart, seeking growth without resorting to abuse.
  8. Recognize the profound truth that all beings, human and non-human alike, are part of one divine family.
  9. Reject all forms of racism and biased discrimination, for they are shadows that obscure the radiant light of unity.
  10. Refrain from promoting or endorsing any religions or cults, focusing instead on the universal essence that unites us.
  11. Abstain from the promotion and practice of astrology, allowing our inner wisdom to guide us.
  12. Do not pursue or advocate for false scientific claims that are steeped in myth, honouring the clarity of truth.

In following these sage principles, we harmonize our lives with the savant teachings of Vedic Rishis, nurturing a nurturing environment for ourselves, our children, and the world.

If you like our founding principles and find yourself interested in joining The Yogic Parenting Project, please fill out the form below. We’d love to hear why you want to be involved and how you believe you can contribute to our mission. After you submit the form, please allow 2-4 days for our Founding Fellows and Mentor to review your application. Following this, we’ll schedule a meeting to discuss the next steps.

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